The Failure of Common Knowledge By Doug French


There are certain things that everyone knows. Everyone knows that you should get as much formal education as possible, buy a house as a solid investment, look to the stock market as an economic barometer, and trust the Fed as the nation’s money manager. Another thing that everyone knows: prisons keep us safe from predators.

But what if all of these things are wrong, not just a bit wrong but wholly incorrect? What if the reverse is true? What if, for example, hanging around in school for as long as possible is the worst life step you can possibly take? What if the real criminals are still in the streets but most people behind bars are not really threats to anyone?

In The Failure of Common Knowledge, Doug French applies economics and contemporary facts to upend many common assumptions people make about critical life decisions. He shows that the common views do not take account of the real costs and risks — or the actual facts on the ground of our crazy, mixed-up world.

This book is a training guide for how to navigate a very confusing economic environment.

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  • Jeffrey Tucker

    The Failure of Common Knowledge

    The Failure of Common Knowledge So many things we think we know are wrong. This book presents the most common investing myths of our time. One of the chapters argues against college. Is he right? There seems to be evidence on both sides of this question. Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_Failure of Common Knowledge

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