The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism By David D. Friedman

  • Author: David D. Friedman
  • Published: 1971


This book argues the case for a society organized by private property, individual rights, and voluntary co-operation, with little or no government. David Friedman’s standpoint, known as ‘anarcho-capitalism’, has attracted a growing following as a desirable social ideal since the first edition of The Machinery of Freedom appeared in 1971. This new edition is thoroughly revised and includes much new material, exploring fresh applications of the author’s libertarian principles.

Among topics covered: how the U.S. would benefit from unrestricted immigration; why prohibition of drugs is inconsistent with a free society; why the welfare state mainly takes from the poor to help the not-so-poor; how police protection, law courts, and new laws could all be provided privately; what life was really like under the anarchist legal system of medieval Iceland; why non-intervention is the best foreign policy; why no simple moral rules can generate acceptable social policies — and why these policies must be derived in part from the new discipline of economic analysis of law.

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  • B.K. Marcus

    The Machinery of Freedom by David D. Friedman

    The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism by David D. Friedman This is one of the first books I read on anarcho-capitalism. After I very much enjoyed the science fiction novel The Stone Canal, I read an interview with the novel’s author, Ken McLeod, about the different anarchies represented in his story. He said that the first (Norlonto) was based on Murray Rothbard’s For a New Freedom, and that the second (New Mars) was based on Friedman’s The Machinery of Freedom — so I had to read both to see what they had in common and in what ways they were so different. When I passed both books around among my friends, I found that some responded much more to Rothbard’s book and some to Friedman’s. It’s good to have both in your intellectual arsenal. Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_the-machinery-of-freedom

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