The Secular Homeschooler By Teri P. Moore


Today’s bubble-wrapped and highly regulated society isn’t helping kids learn how to think for themselves. And test-obsessed education that teaches children to parrot facts without gaining much knowledge, wisdom or maturity only holds them back further.

This hands-on guide offers out-of-the-padded-box strategies that target deep, lasting knowledge and life skills. Though designed especially for the free-thinking, secular homeschooler, The Secular Homeschooler will be useful to all parents seeking to foster their children’s independent thought and self-government. By merging daily life experience with academics, this book helps you help your kids to

  • construct their own personal code of ethics;
  • hone their innate common sense;
  • solve real-life problems;
  • build competence through practical life skills; and
  • forge the maturity, wisdom and independence to flourish in today’s complex world.
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    The Secular Homeschooler

    The Secular Homeschooler by Teri P. Moore A Nonreligious Guide for Helping Kids Build Competence, Independence and Ethics Outside of a School Environment (This book will be free to members in the month of July.) Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_the-secular-homeschooler

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    Best Homeschooling Books

    What are your favorite homeschooling books? Here’s one we’ve found extremely important: @jendjinn

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