The Stone Canal: A Novel (Fall Revolution) By Ken MacLeod

  • Author: Ken MacLeod
  • Published: 1997


Life on New Mars is tough for humans, but death is only a minor inconvenience.  The machines know their place, the free market rules all, and only the Abolitionists object.
Then a stranger arrives on New Mars, a clone who remembers life on Earth as Jonathon Wilde, the anarchist with a nuclear capability who was accused of losing World War III.  That stranger remembers David Reid, New Mars’s leader…and the women they fought over ideals they once shared.
Moving from twentieth-century Scotland through a tumultuous twenty-first century and outward to humanity’s settlement on a planet circling another star, The Stone Canal is idea-driven science fiction at its best, making real and believable a future where long lives, strange deaths, and unexpected knowledge await those who survive the wars and revolutions to come.


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