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  • Mike Reid

    Abortion and Children's Rights

    Here are 3 questions I’ve been wrestling with for years (and more intensely since I became a dad). At what point does a child become a full-blown self-owner? What duties do parents (or other caregivers) have toward children before that point? Any? Am I committing “aggression” against my infant son when I pin his failing legs down so that I can get his pyjamas on?

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  • Roderick T. Beaman

    Gary Johson's Sorge in the Polls

    The Libertarian Party is celebrating Gary Johnson’s status in the current polls. Last time I saw it was about 9%, pretty good but any excitement, I submit is premature. The system has a way of chewing up third parties & spitting them out. In 1965, William F. Buckley was polling as high as the low 20s in the race for Mayor of New York. He came in around 16%. In 1968, George Wallace was polling so high that for a while he was ahead of Hubert Humphrey. Wallace faded to a poor third but did capture a number of southern states, to no one’s surprise. Richard Nixon won. For whatever it’s worth, I will not vote for anyone who is not pro-life and Johnson isn’t.

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  • starrychloe

    Euthanasia and abortion

    “A lot of naive libertarians claim that they have a right to end their lives without thinking a little deeper. One can do a lot of things in private with nobody around as long as nobody is disturbed. But the right to end one’s own life is even more restricted than other private actions. A hero can disrupt one’s suicide with 100% impunity. Nobody can be charged with disrupting another’s right to end own life. Why is this? Think hard. Suicide is the action to end one’s life and most(if not) rights associated with a living person. The right to suicide is an anti-right. Anti-right is NOT a right. This is another logical reason why human beings always try to save life and restore rights to the person being saved.” An individual can/cannot commit suicide. Someone may/may not assist in suicide. Someone may/may not issue a do-not-resuscitate order. An individual can/cannot issue a power of attorney to another to make life & death decisions. The trustee/attorney/decision maker can/cannot decide on suicide for their beneficiary. A parent is/is not the guardian/trustee of their children. A parent can/cannot make life or death decisions for their children. A parent can/cannot make life or death decisions for their children before they are born. The penalty for murder is/is not restitution. A doctor/hospital is/is not required to keep an indignant patient alive on life support. Discuss.

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Abortion is one of the only topics on which even libertarians can find no consensus. Some stress the sovereignty of a mother over her body, while others believe that proportionality does not extend this to killing a fetus. How can the two views be reconciled? Walter Block proposes a compromise: Evictionism. Join Walter Sunday, September 7th, at 5pm EDT for a frank and likely irreverent discussion.

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