Accelerating the Rise of Competitive Governance in the 21st Century with Michael Strong With Michael Strong

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  • Jp Cortez


    Panarchy by Paul Emile de Puydt Now with a new introduction by Freeman editor Max Borders. Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_Panarchy

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  • Matt Gilliland

    What gives you hope?

    FEE published an expanded version of the article I posted here last week on the advances we’ve made in freedom ( In it, I talk about things that give me hope for liberty, including startup cities, seasteading, projects like OpenBazaar and Defense Distributed, etc. What gives you hope? Peaceful parenting? Politics? I’m interested in knowing why (or why not) others are optimistic.

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  • B.K. Marcus

    Are Seasteaders Politically Agnostic?

    It’s good strategy to say so, but is it also true?

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  • Bruce Koerber

    Secession And Emigration Protect Liberties.

    The two great protectors of classical liberalism societies are greatly diminished in these, the Dark Ages of economics! They are: Secession and Emigration! Compounding the emigration problem is the lack of a universal auxiliary language. If everyone in the world learned their native tongue and one universal language adopted around the world as the universal auxiliary language then you or I could move to Spain, or China, or Brazil, let’s say, and function normally. This will be one of the very early transformations in human relationships once we leave the Dark Ages of economics and enter into the enlightened period of classical liberalism societies.

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  • Meg G.

    What do you think of startup cities?

    I’ve been following the startup cities initiative for a while, and I’m always surprised by how many liberty-lovers haven’t heard of them. How many people here are aware of the initiatives and what do you think of them? Would you be willing to move to one and under what conditions (e.g., right away, give it a few years to develop, etc.)?

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Michael Strong, CEO of Radical Social Entrepreneurs, will discuss practical ways to promote competitive governance, including startup cities, seasteading, virtual governance, peaceful secession, and increased sovereignty for indigenous peoples.  Michael has been directly involved with several of these initiatives as a strategy for increasing opportunity for people around the world.  For background, see his posts at Let a Thousand Nations Bloom.

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