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    A Century of Anarchy

    A Century of Anarchy: Neutral Moresnet through the Revisionist Lens “In this brief but thoroughly fascinating essay on the little-known neutral and stateless territory of Moresnet, Pete Earle does for 19th Century Europe what James C. Scott did for the highlands of Southeast Asia in his book The Art of Not Being Governed. He provides yet another and very recent example of the peace and prosperity that are possible in the absence of coercive government – or, as Albert Jay Nock would have put it, in the presence of government without the State. A must for every reader interested in the practicality of anarchism.” ~ Jeff Riggenbach (This book will be free to members in the month of August.) Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_a-century-of-anarchy

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Anarchy is often considered to be an impossible dream, never before and never to be achieved. But has anarchy really never been tried? Peter C. Earle suggests, to the contrary of the mainstream, that there are historical examples of anarchy that we could look to. Here he looks to Neutral Moresnet, a society in that 1800s that thrived without a state.

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Peter C. EarlePeter C. Earle is an economist and financial markets professional. He has spent nearly two decades trading in and studying global equity, derivative, commodity, and currency markets, as well as offbeat and esoteric markets when opportunities have allowed. Pete has published numerous articles on economic history, spontaneous order, and liberty. He is currently the chief economist of Humint, a global cryptocurrency development consultancy, and is the resident economist for Red 5 Studios, a game development firm in Laguna Hills, CA. He resides in the Greater New York area.

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