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  • Daniel Duarte

    June 16th: #LiberalismDay

    I wrote a post about #LiberalismDay, an effort to take back “liberalism” from the progressive left. What do you guys think? Is this worthwhile? Or should we just stick to classical liberalism and libertarianism?

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  • Gladstonian Liberal

    Boris Johnson: liberal or conservative

    With the election of Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative party might we see a revival of liberalism? In a matter of hours, Boris will become Prime Minister and begin announcing his Cabinet. He is despised by the Left who paint him as a reactionary but his parliamentary voting record is liberal on personal issues. He has said again and again he is in favour of free trade and pro immigration. Of course, he wants to use the State to do stuff (infrastructure, run public services etc.) but compared to the last few Prime Ministers he might well be the most liberal leader Britain has had for a while. Or not!

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  • Gladstonian Liberal

    Libertarian Governmemt

    Interested in what a libertarian government might look like if it got elected in the UK. What would be its priorities, could it limit government power and enact reform? My own view is that it should look at abolishing government departments first. Once gone they can’t make policy and interfere in people’s lives. I would embrace public services because people are so used to them they won’t accept change immediately but one could change the governance of schools and hospitals and who controls the money.

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  • Jon Trossbach

    Mises' Wikipedia Page The Wikipedia page for Mises seems to be written from a bias perspective: someone with the right credentials or knowledge set should go change it. I’ve tried multiple times but had my submissions blocked or undone. Probably the most irksome line in the whole article is under “Contributions and Influence in Economics” where it concludes that among Mises’ students “only Israel Kirzner has achieved mainstream respectability among economists.”(02:39, 21 November 2016) It would be nice if someone could undo the bias on his Wikipedia page. Any Ideas for changes? Use this discussion to report back on what changes have been made and how smoothly your changes go.

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  • Vincent Birrittella

    Anarcho Liberal, Liberal Anarchist

    What do you guys think of those terms?

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In 2010 Brian Aitken was sentenced to seven years in prison for possessing firearms he legally owned. He lost everything, including custody of his son, for a crime he did not commit. After spending four months behind bars, Governor Chris Christie demanded his release. This is his story. Join Brian at 9pm on Wednesday, November 26 to learn about his story and book!

“I read the book in one setting. Stupendous achievement. Searing. Infuriating. Uplifting. All at once. Brian Aitken has written a searing memoir about his experiences inside a legal system that has lost its moral compass… That he can write about his ordeal with such dignity and even humor is a testament to Brian’s courage, his integrity, and his compassion.” – Clark Neily III, Senior Attorney at the Institute for Justice

“Brian Aitken’s memoirs show the dark side of a liberal desire to make the world safer.” – Reason Magazine

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