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  • Rebecca Lau

    Burned by Libertarian Men

    Although women obviously have an advantage when it comes to dating in libertarian circles, it doesn’t really matter when there aren’t many libertarians in your area. I feel lucky saying that I have at least one libertarian (an-cap) friend when most people say that they don’t know a single other libertarian in real life. Obviously I have not dated all the libertarian men but I think there are some aspects of their personalities that I find difficult to accept. The first is their unyielding individualism. I don’t think they put a lot of effort into nurturing the relationship. I think any woman who dates a libertarian man will always come second to work, travel, hobbies, etc. Most libertarians are dedicated and hard working people but they do not necessarily think that being in a relationship is beneficial. The second problem is that they often espouse misogynistic beliefs and fear commitment. I think those two things are related. I dated a very anarcho-capitalist man who refused to ever get married because “marriage only benefits women and children.” He wanted children but didn’t want a woman taking all his money. He was unwilling to go through with traditional courtship and I felt like I was always trying to prove that I was worthy of his affection. Needless to say it was a pretty toxic relationship and I’m glad that it is over. Based on what I read on various online forums it seems like this attitude toward women is normal. Maybe I just haven’t had a good experience with the very few libertarian men I have known in real life. I’ve dated a lot of guys in my life and did not run into these problems when dating non-libertarians.

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  • Robert Rise

    Dating online

    Through the years I’ve used dozens of dating websites of various kinds. In my reviews and blog posts on , I am more than happy to share all my experience and insights I’ve accumulated.

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  • Seth Shore

    App for shutting down bad Legislation and promoting grass roots elections

    Hey Everyone, I’m new to but not to the Liberty Movement. I was paying attention to it in 2008 and finally drank the kool-aid in 2012. I’m posting here because I’ve been bootstrapping the development of a legislation alert app and I am hoping that it helps grassroots movements in shutting down bad legislation and getting good candidates elected. The basic idea is to connect our nation’s outspoken political activists (10% of the population roughly) with the remaining interested bystanders (about 49% of the population, representing people who care but prefer to remain anonymous) so that their combined leverage can shut down bad legislation or help get good legislation passed. Opinion data on pending bills is filterable by district and can be used to hold representatives accountable to the will of their constituency. Come election time, users can also easily compare their private voting history with a representative’s public voting record in order to make a much more informed vote than normal. There are two types of accounts: Mobilizers: These are public accounts that can be followed by other users and can post alerts on pending State and Federal legislation. This account type logs in via web browser and requires an invite code currently. Apptivists: These are private accounts that follow public accounts and vote on the bills they are alerted to by the Mobilizers. This account type logs in via a simple phone app and is open to anyone with an iOS device (Android coming soon!). Much more detailed info on the project can be found by scrolling down the homepage of our website: We’ve recently launched our MVP of the application and I’ve set up an invite code that can be used by people from if anyone here would like to register as a Public Mobilizer account. As this is my attempt to help promote liberty in our country, we have decided to make Apptivism free to use for both account types. Also, this app is meant to work together with other social media services like FB and Twitter. It’s not a replacement. That’s what is for. 😉 If anyone here has any questions, I’d love to answer them and I’d love to get feedback on the whether this type of system is something that could be useful to the liberty community. Thanks in advance! Cheers! seth PS: Here’s a brief video explaining the system:

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  • Rebecca Lau

    Dating a socialist

    I mean a real socialist, not a guy that voted for Obama. A guy that is every bit socialist as I am libertarian. Background: I met a guy on online. I found out that he is an engineer in SF and a socialist. He loves seeing socialist philosophers speak, Black Lives Matter demonstrations, and Tumblr. I’m also a SF resident and more knowledgable and more sympathetic toward the far left than most libertarians. I also have a job that is stereotypically liberal (elementary school teacher) so we’re kind of the opposite. We’ve hung out twice so far and I think we are pretty cute together. I always say teasing things to him like, “Do you follow fuckyeahelizabethwarren on Tumblr?” He doesn’t know much about libertarianism but when I met him I was going to see Jeffrey Tucker speak on the same day and he was interested to hear about it. Has anyone ever gone down this dark path before? Any predictions on what will happen?

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  • Michael Andbowinkle

    Does the Liberty crowd and its adherents consider VOTING a Right or a Privilege?

    I find it odd that the Libertarian candidates never touch base on this issue in their campaigns. I want all anarchists, Libertarians, Anarcho-Capitalists, ect too answer.   The photo below shows the “Great Society” leader, and the other who was accused of being a Communist insurgent shaking hands over the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I guess this photograph sums-up on what version of history one will refuse to accept, and the other which will be accepted as the “norm.”  

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