Beer & Bastards #6 With Corey Iacono, David Lee, Jason Hubbard, Matt Palumbo, Mike Lee and Will Ricciardella

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  • Frater Lucem

    The Climate Change Debate

    I don’t know anything about it, really.  I haven’t done enough research.  So I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate and say if 98 percent of scientists agree that anthropogenic global warming is occurring, then why should I disagree?

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  • Mike Vroman

    Voting, moral or immoral?

    Do you look on voting as a moral endeavor to change the political environment, or as an immoral endorsement of the oppressive state? Or do you fall somewhere in between, voting in certain elections, and not in others?

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  • Bruce Koerber

    Proof That Fred Flintstone Had A Pet Named Dino.

    Humans are the cause of global warming and so they had to precede the dinosaurs and so Fred and Wilma could have domesticated a dinosaur as a pet!!!

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  • Ken Jons-un

    RE vaccination debate

    An article today related to last nights topic.

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  • Brent Hinckley

    Adaptive derived systems, an origin of ethics

    My engineering, physics and programming background got me started in philosophy of liberty for its universality and recognition of complexity deriving itself from many lower level systems. Once entering the liberty arena, I’ve never found the “natural rights” argument too compelling and the state scripture defining rights even less so. The most common thread I’ve seen inside the liberty community that tries to address ethics that aren’t derived from theocratic origins is Molyneux and his work “UPB A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics”. Not that I find his approach invalid, I’d just like to try an independent method of derivation and perhaps support some of such conclusion by other methods. My core approach is to consider any group of people as a complex system. Rules of emergent behavior within the system that allow favorable survival conditions “pass on their genes” in a way and echo forward in time. Destructive or parasitic norms dwindle the potential of survival even to the extent that each individual has within them the naturally selected abhorrence of seeing or being subjected to this freeloading behavior. I argue that the natural morals found within us free from any indoctrination are results of natural selection pressure of anthropological social structures being themselves naturally selected for their degree of stability. Only in recent human history has there been attempts to “design” these social structures with the ignorance of the complex system nature of society, abused anthropomorphic aggregation (“we are one nation”), or any type of government for that matter that tries to impose legislation over law (law being of the emergent behavior as Bastiat would know it). This has been my mental hobby horse for a while and I’ve been recently pleased by some of this type of thinking emerging in some of the conversations. Regarding stable social systems on a local level Economic stability with dispersed knowledge and the failure exogenous design of fundamental social system institutions I’d even open this up to the theist/atheist moral determination as it seems that theists always try to play this card. Church in this scope of thinking just happens to be one social institution that has been around longer than the recent rise of the nation-state.

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Get together with the Bastards for a brew and a battle of wits over today’s hottest topics in liberty.

Tonight’s guest is Science Babe. Topics: global warming, evolution, vaccines, and more!

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Matt Palumbo of Being Classically Liberal
Corey Iacono of Being Classically Liberal
Mike Lee of Being Liberal Logic
Jason Hubbard of We Are Capitalists
David Lee of We Are Capitalists
Will Ricciardella of The Analytical Conservative
Kevin Ryan of Unbiased America

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