Beer & Bastards #8 With Carl Gibson, Kevin Ryan, Matt Palumbo, Mike Lee and Will Ricciardella

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  • Liam

    Why do people drink?

    The appeal of alcohol has always baffled me. People pay loads of money so that they can pour disgusting poisonous, potentially addicting, liquid into their bodies. This liquid can cause organ failure, bodily excretions, brain damage, and death. There are no real health benefits. When drinking, one is not able to use his/her mind or body to it’s fullest capacity. It hinders ones ability to make rational decisions and is responsible for many injuries, deaths, break ups, and crimes. I know most people don’t take it that far. They drink in moderation and do so responsibly. But my question is WHY? Why even put a little bit of poison into your body? Virgin margaritas taste great! There is non-alcoholic beer! Why do you need a buzz in order to have a good time at dinner or with your friends? Are you not comfortable in your own true, sober, state of mind? If that buzz is not necessary for your happiness, why do you spend money pursuing it? Why do you sacrifice your health in order to attain it? I have NO problem with people drinking. I have done it. We all have done it. I just don’t like it. I don’t like the feeling of incapacitating my body and mind. I am really curious as to why people enjoy it so much. I feel like our culture is obsessed with it. Drinking is so common that it is basically expected of all adults! I would love to hear your thoughts and I will just leave you with this:

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  • Account deleted

    Leftist violence

    Link: Thoughts?

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  • Martin Nicholls

    Have I Misunderstood the Difference Between Capitalism & Socialism?

    Not too long ago I decided to ask a Scottish Socialist an economic question about the socialist system he advocates on his YouTube channel: “Due to the preclusion of exchange for goods of higher order, what is the basis for state officials directing the alternative applications of the factors of production towards thousands of different and changing consumer needs and wants of different urgencies in the least-cost manner for society at large?” The answer to my own question was basically going to be that state officials cannot have a basis for directing the factors of production due to the absence of the price mechanism, but as you can see in the comments section he didn’t really answer my question. As you can see above, he has now responded to my question with a new video, but after listening to it I cannot compile a sufficient answer to reply with in order to get him to understand where he is mistaken.–WA Can you tell me what point he is still missing?

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  • Account deleted

    Worst beer ever

    I think the worst beer I have ever had was Baltika 9 Krepkoe. It came in a 51 oz soda bottle and cost me $3. It is malt liquor from Russia that is 8% alcohol and tastes like burned sweet cereal with a bit of vodka and rotten hops added. I tried to use it for beer pong. BIG mistake. But I ended up giving it to my opponents when their beer ran out, so the odds were evened. What do you think is the worst beer ever?

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  • Account deleted

    Favorite beer

    The best beer I have ever had is Koningshoeven/La Trappe Quadrupel. It has a complex fruit aroma and flavor, amber color, and 10% ABV. They are easy to drink for something that potent though, so be careful as it can sneak up on you. What do you think is the best beer ever?

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Tonight the Bastards take on Carl Gibson, founder of US Uncut — one of the biggest “liberal” Facebook pages today. And the Bastards’ own Matt Palumbo is one of his biggest critics.

The Bastards:

Matt Palumbo of Being Classically Liberal

Mike Lee of Being Liberal Logic

Will Ricciardella of The Analytical Conservative

Kevin Ryan of Unbiased America

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