Between the Covers with Tracy Lawson — Teen Superheroes With Mike DiBaggio, Shell DiBaggio and Tracy Lawson

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Tracy Lawson welcomes Mike and Shel DiBaggio, creators of the Ascension Epoch, a sprawling collaborative universe of stories that anyone can contribute to. Their latest novel is Dismal Tide, a superhero/urban fantasy story about a group of teenage vigilantes in an alternate Pittsburgh. Dismal Tide is the Sequel to last year’s After Dark.


If you want just a taste of the Ascension Epoch universe, read Salamander Six, a short story of cybernetic firefighting, vengeance, and revolution. Bonus: the audiobook version is read by none other than Jeff Riggenbach!
And don’t miss the newest novel by Tracy Lawson: Resist, which follows young freedom fighters as the world they thought they knew collapses around them.

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