Capitalism & Morality 2015 Livestream (Morning) With Jayant Bhandari

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  • Jason L. Hughey

    Jesus, Morality, and Libertarianism

    I’m very excited to see this group!  I think that many Christians are wrestling with the idea of their faith and how it relates to their political outlook–having a ready defense of liberty from a Christian outlook is very important to message these ideas to interested Christians. I don’t know how many of you were able to attend ISFLC, so some of you may have already seen this, but I was able to participate as a panelist with five other young Christian libertarians on the issue of how we, as Christians, approach libertarianism.  We were able to upload the panel to YouTube which you can watch here if you didn’t get to see it already/weren’t at ISFLC. As one of the panelists, I would be happy to hear your feedback on the arguments presented in the panel and/or any other general ideas about how to understand libertarianism from a Christian framework.  What are the best ways to message libertarianism to Christians and Christianity to libertarians?

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  • Dave Scotese

    The Tax Honesty Movement

    The “Tax Honesty” movement has demonstrated a few things to a lot of people.  To cover a lot with a few words, I’ll put it this way:  The IRS breaks its own rules in order to rob us through deceit. Some people (Irwin Schiff, for example) have suffered because they attempted to protect themselves from the rule-breakers.  There is now a theory popular among liberty-minded people that the government is too corrupt and powerful for anyone to succeed in an effort like Irwin Schiff’s.  There is also some good evidence showing this theory to be wrong.  It’s available at Peter Hendrickson’s website, I think that a lot of bureaucrats feel and believe that they are helping society.  This leaves them open to consider fixing situations in which their bureaucracy is breaking its own rules.  And let’s face it, there are some rules that can actually help liberty.  Perhaps the loads of evidence that Hendrickson has on his site can be explained by the presence of such “good-hearted” individuals in the bowels of the IRS. In any case, if you can, please entertain the possibility that the US Income Tax is not being administered honestly.  Consider that maybe, just maybe, in the gargantuan tangle of words called “Title 26,” the legal meaning of the law as it applies to most people is not coercive at all.  Maybe, if it were properly applied, the government would be a nuisance like neighbors who let their dogs poop on your lawn, instead of a nuisance like cancer in your lungs.  It could be true.  I think it is true, and I think that failing to follow all the twists and turns that Hendrickson uncovered to see for yourself that it is true kind of justifies you still being enslaved to a government that steals from you in order to cause havoc all over the planet in a massive deception that justifies its existence. If we want to honor the goodness in all people, including those who have been tricked into serving evil, we can do so by understanding the rules they think they should be following, and using them to protect ourselves from enslavement.

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  • Moritz Bierling

    How to survive Keynesian Economics in University

    This will be a general discussion to share tips and tricks to survive conventional Keynesian Economics Lessons in university.

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  • Jayant Bhandari

    Capitalism & Morality

    The next Capitalism & Morality seminar will be held in Vancouver on 21st July 2018. The program is in early stages, but it is easier and cheaper to book flights and hotel for Vancouver early. Here is the seminar registration link:

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  • Will Smith

    Listing Omissions in the Minimum Wage Debate

    Does this list have anything else that could be added to it? The goal is to have a checklist that could be used to check any article on the topic. I would guess most people on this site are aware that arbitrarily raising the cost of labor isn’t the best way to help workers.

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Governments are made up of three kinds of people: sociopaths, crooks, and those who are after an easy life. Once in a while, well-meaning youth enter the government, hoping to usher in a change. Soon, such an individual, realizes that he has ended up working with those who lack ethics, are manipulative, devoid of any sense of risk-taking, and passionless.

Having learnt his lesson, he either leaves his job, or most likely succumbs to the organizational pressures that slowly and subliminally teach him devious methods. He soon forgets that he had joined the government to contribute. Instead, he starts rationalizing his existence and sacrifices his soul and rationality for what he feels is a risk-free job.

The government is merely the visible aspect of the state. “A state is a disease living in the minds of its victims. It is only there, in the battleground of the mind, that a state is to be truly and totally vanquished.”

It is our collective hatred, envy, lack of integrity, and irrationality that feeds and nurtures the state. Only free individuals can make a free society.

Program (Saturday, 1 August 2015):

· 8:25 to 8:30am: Introduction by Jayant Bhandari

· 8:30 to 9:30am: “Raising Children is an Act of Philosophy,” by Roslyn Ross
Ms Ross spent a decade working in behavior modification while contemplating the question: What would parenting look like in a free society? Seven-hundred books on the subject later, Ms Ross had her answer. In her own book, A Theory of Objectivist Parenting, Ms Ross shares her conclusion that our current totalitarian government is a manifestation of modern parenting and that the road to freedom starts with how we raise our children.

· 9:30 to 10:30am: “Why Ayn Rand’s Self-Esteem is Unreasonable,” by Dr Michael Edelstein
Dr Edelstein is a clinical psychologist with an in-person and telephone/Skype therapy practice. He is the award-winning author of “Three Minute Therapy”. He also wrote “Stage Fright,” “Rational Drinking” and his latest, “Therapy Breakthrough.” He trained with Dr. Albert Ellis and supervises mental health professionals in the REBT/ CBT treatment of emotional and behavioral problems. He lectures nationally and internationally, and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows. Dr Edelstein teaches his clients to go for unconditional self-acceptance rather than high self-esteem.

· 10:55 to 11:55pm: “The Value of Being Mentored and Mentoring,” by Rick Rule
Mr Rule is one of the most successful investors anywhere. Mr Rule started his career working as a security guard at False Creek in Vancouver. He is currently the Chairman of Sprott US Holdings Inc., one of the biggest and most successful money managers in the resource sector. He is a living proof of what he loves to say, “Your biggest problem is not the state and its tyranny, but what is between your two ears.” In his talk, Mr Rule will emphasize that fulfillment comes from individual achievement, and that advances in the condition of mankind occur through voluntary rather than coercive exchanges.

· 11:55 to 12:25pm: “The Children of Galt’s Gulch,” by Roslyn Ross
In her first talk Ms Ross explained that a free society is not possible until we relate to children differently. In this talk, Ms Ross draws on history, sociology, anthropology, educational theory, and current neuroscience to show that our idea of children, the role we demand that they play, is not based in reality. Our idea of what children and childhood should be is a product of our current time and place. The road to freedom again starts with how we raise our children, but this time everything we ever thought we knew for sure about children is brought under the microscope.

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