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  • David

    The Prometheus Awards

    The Prometheus Awards were created to honor new and classic libertarian fiction. This is a list of all of the novels nominated for a Prometheus Award. There are over 500 books by more than 250 authors, which is enough liberty themed fiction to keep you entertained for a long time.   http://cryptoagorist.com/prometheus_awards.html

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  • George Donnelly

    Seeking Short Fiction for a Libertarian Anthology

    Hi and Happy New Year! I’m doing another liberty-themed anthology, this one (mainly) of flash fiction. All authors are welcome, whether you identify even remotely libertarian or are just writing a liberty-themed story. I would love to have you on board with this. Will you join me? Why am I doing this? Because I want to gain a greater collective readership for libertarian fiction. We’ve done lots of work reaching people with logical arguments for liberty. It’s time to inject more emotional arguments for liberty into the conversation. So you in or what? 🙂 Here are the details: Submit as many stories as you like, up to 5,000 words each but ideally around 1,000 words. These need to be complete stories with a beginning, middle and end, in any genre. The deadline for your completed story/ies is Monday, March 30, 2016, so you have plenty of time. But you might as well get on board with this marketing opportunity right now! You need to commit to helping me market the final anthology to the best of your abilities. Anyone can submit, whether you are published before or not. Get the full story here: http://georgedonnelly.com/seeking-short-fiction/ Thanks and I look forward to reading your stories! P.S. If you know anyone else who might be interested in this, please share it with them. TIA! P.P.S Here’s the last one we did, in case you weren’t aware of it: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QU9FU78/

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  • David

    Libertarian Fiction: The Prometheus Awards

    The Prometheus Award for Best Novel was created to honor new libertarian fiction, and the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award honors classic libertarian fiction. ThePrometheus Awards are hosted by the Libertarian Futurist Society. This is a list of all of the books that were nominated for these two awards. There are more than 500 books on this list by almost 300 authors, which is enough liberty themed fiction to keep anyone entertained and inspired for a long time. http://cryptoagorist.com/prometheus_awards.html

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  • P_Fritz

    Rand without Romanticism

    I have an Objectivist leaning friend who has read only Rand’s philosophical works (Virtue of Selfishness, Ayn Rand Lexicon, etc). We have these great discussions as long as we’re discussing Aristotle or Egoism, but then if I mention a line from Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged he points out he hasn’t read those and it’s always kind of deflating. So so here’s my question: do you think someone can bypass Rand’s fictional works and still really fully understand and appreciate Objectivism? Or is there something about the fictional works that is essential to understanding Rand?

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  • Greg Pasquale

    Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon – Insurgents

    Before Robert Baratheon overthrew King Aerys Targaryen the Seven Kingdoms were a relatively nice place to live.  There was a balanced budget (a surplus actually), the peasants had food, and there was free trade between the kingdoms.  Sure, Aerys burned alive a handful of his own constituents every year or so but what medieval ruler didn’t?  Sure beat starting wars where hundreds of thousands died. That’s pretty much what Baratheon and his lap dog Ned accomplished.  Robert was in love with Ned’s sister Lyanna.  But Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen (Aerys’ son) had a discreet thing going.  Robert finds out, goes nuts.  Starts spreading propaganda – backed by his in-law’s (the power hungry Lannisters) money and influence.   Some of the kingdoms buy into it, old grudges re-surface, promises of land and money sway those on the fence and boom – you got yourself an insurgency – I mean “rebellion”. Aerys is labeled “mad” and needs to be disposed of. Fast forward to Robert’s time on the throne – budget deficit (they actually have to borrow gold from the First Bank of Braavos, something Aerys would never have done), peasants rioting, and a continental war that has no end in sight.

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Lovers of liberty know David Friedman as an incredible economist and legal theorist, especially as author of the anarcho-capitalist masterpiece The Machinery of Freedom. What many don’t know is that Friedman is also a novelist, with two fantastic works of fiction under his belt (and hopefully more to come). His first novel, Harald, was released in 2006 (audiobook, Amazon), and the second, Salamander, in 2011 (Amazon). Both books, while intriguing on their own as works of fiction, also bear the clear markings of products of Friedman’s careful genius, with precisely thought-out social systems that exhibit many themes libertarians will certainly find interesting. Join David Friedman on Liberty.me LIVE Tuesday, December 9th at 9pm EST as he discusses his fiction, his writing process, and his views on liberty in fantasy and reality!

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