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  • Max Hill

    Minarchists, help me to understand you.

    I didn’t really pass through minarchism on my way to anarchism, so I’ve never fully understood your world view. Help me to understand it. Your belief that some services are best provided publicly is entirely compatible with a voluntaryist world view as long as participation in your “state” is voluntary. In principle, you could have a communist community existing within a voluntary society. My question is: Are you voluntaryists who advocate establishing such a community on justly acquired land and exclusively with people who want to participate? Or do you believe that it is justifiable to impose your minimal state on people like me who don’t want it? If it’s the former, then there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between your proposal and mine. I probably wouldn’t participate in your voluntary state, but I have no problem with it existing as long as you aren’t forcing it on others. If it’s the latter, then you and I have almost nothing in common philosophically, even if we occasionally come to the same conclusions.

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  • Ricky Peter Newins

    What is the next best system to Voluntaryism/Anarchism? (apart from minarchism)

    I would argue decentralized direct democracy with administrators of public will (as opposed to politicians) who would outsource the various public projects to the best providers from the free market.

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  • Jorge Trucco

    European anarcho-capitalist movement: is there any?

    I’m seeing a lot of wonderful growth in the libertarian Anarcho-Capitalist movement in North and South America. But I’m not seeing European anarcho-capitalist movements. I would like to know about European AnCap libertarians.  Does anybody know?

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  • Flagship Freedom

    Flagship Freedom Podcast

    Hello Liberty Community! We wanted to introduce ourselves as the latest liberty-based podcast to join the net. We recently chatted with Jeffery in an episode we will be releasing next week and he suggested we join the site to say hello, to meet fellow liberty-minded folks, and share our content with you! Here’s the most recent episode released today! Feel free to get a hold of us and let us know what you think! In their most controversial episode yet, Danny and Michael arrive very late to the party to plumb the depths of the possibly well-intentioned, though likely intellectually faulty social justice movement and find they have very different opinions as to why the movement exists.

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  • Jorge Trucco

    Is private law an oxymoron?

    On a recent discussion on another forum a member claimed that “private law” is self-contradictory, an oxymoron. That a law is a threat and that it can only come from a governmental entity. Your thoughts will be appreciated.

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Fighting the matrix of the state is hard work. How do you convince others that nonaggression is viable? How could a society without a state work? Come hear Kal Molinet’s take Wednesday, September 17th at 9pm EDT, and bring your questions!

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