Free Association #4 — King John Might Envy Obama With Sheldon Richman

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  •  Matt Powers

    Should a new altcoin protocol allow for transaction reversibility?

    It appears to me that one of the biggest drawbacks to the current model of cryptocurrencies is the lack of reversibility in transactions. Historically, third parties such as banks have enabled transactions to be reversed, such as refunds or guaranteeing purchases. I think that if cryptocurrencies want to avoid third parties as much as possible, they should adopt a method for reversing transactions for the purpose of dispute resolution. Thoughts?

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  •  Nicholas West

    Unjust police acquittals, and proposed legislature to deal with them

    For the past few years, police departments have been on something of a power trip in the United States. Only citing the lesser-known instances that come to my mind, cops have assaulted autistic teenagers and murdered unarmed civilians, and were subsequently cleared of all charges and let back on the force. A zealous, dogmatic conservative “fanbase,” alongside a legal system that actively defends police from facing charges of murder, manslaughter, or assault, assures that these men and women never see justice for their actions. It’s awful what police are doing in society, but it’s even worse that they can get off scot-free for it. Of course, most of you already know this. So here’s my question: has any United States representative or senator proposed a bill designed to fight against unjust acquittals or introduce charges that are harder to to be overturned? As an agorist, I’m partially convinced that this has never happened and that anyone who gets elected for public office in this day and age is a vapid authoritarian, but a sliver of hope remains for me somewhere. Have any of you heard of such legislation on a federal level? If not, then what about on a state level?

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  •  Michael Andbowinkle

    Does the Justice system believe and or acknowledge tyranny?

    Its seems they always skip over the issue. There is always this refusal to acknowledge or “give-in” in to the reality of what its happening on their part Does anyone know why this mentality exists? Is there anyway to stop it? Or try to get through to these people that’s its tyranny that is the enemy?

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  •  Zeroth Position

    Prediction/conspiracy theory

    Decades from now, when the leading political figures of this era are dead or dying and will thus not be prosecuted for anything, classified information from this era will be released. This will show that Ambassador Chris Stevens either knew something, did something, or was about to do something that the Obama regime hated. Killing one’s own ambassador would be political suicide, but when violence broke out in Benghazi, Obama, Clinton, and the rest chose not to let a crisis go to waste.

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  •  David Ottinger

    "…all men are created equal…"

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” — The Declaration of Independence.   More often than not, I see many people interpret these particular 5 words with a biological context, however I have never understood how people come to apply such meaning to those words when the scope of the document pertains to law.  Thus, what they’re referencing is equality of law, not biological equality or economical equality.   In other words, the axiom they assert, “All men are created equal,” recognizes that there is a natural order to life, one they assume is the product of a creator, and that the creator applies this order to all men equally.   What this implies is that all titles among men are the product of men, not natural order.  In other words, they’re disputing the divine right of kings — which is what was used to give the monarchy legitimacy.  They, instead, assert that government derives specific powers from the consent of the governed. Those powers pertaining to ‘just’ powers, i.e. powers of justice.  The role of government is to provide justice.  Hence, in the beginning of their syllogism, “All men are created equal,” they were referencing a legal maxim sometimes stated as:  Equality before the law is mandatory and paramount.  

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Join Sheldon Richman for another episode of Free Association! He’ll be chatting about his new article, King John Might Envy President Obama.

Sure, Obama also pays lip service to idea that the executive is subject to law. But what happens when he acts like an autocrat? Nothing. King John had to contend with rebellious barons who resisted his taxes to finance losing wars and other impositions. Obama has no effective opposition to contend with. He is free to fight wars as he pleases, never needing to worry that he might be deprived of the revenues he needs to engage in his far-flung killing.

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