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  • Matt Phillips

    Parents of toddlers: Peaceful ways to deal with specific situations

    Many of the folks who aren’t familiar with peaceful parenting would probably like to see real world examples, and parents who have already adopted the ideas would probably love to hear other parents’ ideas and methods for dealing with specific situations.   Let’s add some discussion of practice to the great discussions surrounding theory that are already ongoing.   I think it would be really constructive for a discussion to start like this: My kid is doing X. Do you guys have ideas or solutions for dealing with it?   I’ll get as much use out of this type of conversation as anyone, since my son is 2.5 and my daughter is seven weeks. So I’d love to see some posts!

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  • Mike Reid

    Free Your Children: A Guide for Liberty-Loving Parents’s guide to parenthood is here at last! Free Your Children, by Justin Arman, skips past the usual garbage about perfect kids, and gets straight to the advice you need for the nitty gritty of real life. So we want to hear from you, our fellow liberty-minded parents: How do you raise your children to live free in an unfree world?

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Can the ideas of liberty, self-ownership, peace, and free trade inform parenting decisions? Justin and Jessica Arman argue they can and should. The building block of any functioning society is the parent-child relationship. Join Justin and Jessica July 7th at 9:30pm EDT as they explain how these moral principles can be put into motion in the most vital relationship in society.

You can also learn more about peaceful parenting by checking out the Armans’ guide!

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