Jeffrey Tucker Interviews — Yael Ossowski (ESFLC) With Jeffrey Tucker

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Jeffrey Tucker talks with Yael Ossowski and Eyð Áradóttir Hammer of European Students for Liberty about their upcoming conference in Prague.

With talks by investigative journalists, economists, and surveillance experts squeezed in between trips to the gun range, a photography tour, live band performances in a private club, and famous Czech beer, the fifth annual European Students For Liberty Conference in Prague, Czech Republic promises to be the most epic conference on the Old Continent.

Held on on March 11-13, 2016, it’s the perfect place to meet pro-liberty students and young professionals from all over Europe. It’s run by students for students and promises to give as much academic and intellectual rigor as Czech awesomeness. Come celebrate the growing liberty movement in Europe at the biggest meeting of young minds and hearts dedicated to the ideas of freedom! We’ll be remembering the students who’ve fought against socialism in the Czech Republic and more, and promoting the generation making a positive change today.

Register for the conference.

Watch the ESFLC video.

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