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  • Moritz Bierling

    How to survive Keynesian Economics in University

    This will be a general discussion to share tips and tricks to survive conventional Keynesian Economics Lessons in university.

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  • Dave Scotese

    The Tax Honesty Movement

    The “Tax Honesty” movement has demonstrated a few things to a lot of people.  To cover a lot with a few words, I’ll put it this way:  The IRS breaks its own rules in order to rob us through deceit. Some people (Irwin Schiff, for example) have suffered because they attempted to protect themselves from the rule-breakers.  There is now a theory popular among liberty-minded people that the government is too corrupt and powerful for anyone to succeed in an effort like Irwin Schiff’s.  There is also some good evidence showing this theory to be wrong.  It’s available at Peter Hendrickson’s website, I think that a lot of bureaucrats feel and believe that they are helping society.  This leaves them open to consider fixing situations in which their bureaucracy is breaking its own rules.  And let’s face it, there are some rules that can actually help liberty.  Perhaps the loads of evidence that Hendrickson has on his site can be explained by the presence of such “good-hearted” individuals in the bowels of the IRS. In any case, if you can, please entertain the possibility that the US Income Tax is not being administered honestly.  Consider that maybe, just maybe, in the gargantuan tangle of words called “Title 26,” the legal meaning of the law as it applies to most people is not coercive at all.  Maybe, if it were properly applied, the government would be a nuisance like neighbors who let their dogs poop on your lawn, instead of a nuisance like cancer in your lungs.  It could be true.  I think it is true, and I think that failing to follow all the twists and turns that Hendrickson uncovered to see for yourself that it is true kind of justifies you still being enslaved to a government that steals from you in order to cause havoc all over the planet in a massive deception that justifies its existence. If we want to honor the goodness in all people, including those who have been tricked into serving evil, we can do so by understanding the rules they think they should be following, and using them to protect ourselves from enslavement.

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  • Gladstonian Liberal

    Boris Johnson: liberal or conservative

    With the election of Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative party might we see a revival of liberalism? In a matter of hours, Boris will become Prime Minister and begin announcing his Cabinet. He is despised by the Left who paint him as a reactionary but his parliamentary voting record is liberal on personal issues. He has said again and again he is in favour of free trade and pro immigration. Of course, he wants to use the State to do stuff (infrastructure, run public services etc.) but compared to the last few Prime Ministers he might well be the most liberal leader Britain has had for a while. Or not!

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  • Gladstonian Liberal

    Libertarian Governmemt

    Interested in what a libertarian government might look like if it got elected in the UK. What would be its priorities, could it limit government power and enact reform? My own view is that it should look at abolishing government departments first. Once gone they can’t make policy and interfere in people’s lives. I would embrace public services because people are so used to them they won’t accept change immediately but one could change the governance of schools and hospitals and who controls the money.

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  • Will Smith

    Listing Omissions in the Minimum Wage Debate

    Does this list have anything else that could be added to it? The goal is to have a checklist that could be used to check any article on the topic. I would guess most people on this site are aware that arbitrarily raising the cost of labor isn’t the best way to help workers.

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Liberalism is Ludwig von Mises’s classic statement in defense of a free society. We all love a good, comprehensive piece of work and Liberalism covers everything you need to know about the topic. Tune in with Jeffrey Tucker as he shares his thoughts on the book!

There are two uses of the word liberalism that are heartbreaking, even disgusting. The first occurs when a self-described liberal pushes government power as the solution to all our economic and social woes. Government is not liberal! Government is the robber, the coercer, the taser, the jailer!

Another is when a self-described conservative condemns liberalism as the cancer that is killing society. What? Thomas Jefferson was a liberal. So was John Locke. So was Alexis de Tocqueville. Their ideas built the world we love.

Most of all, there was Ludwig von Mises, who proudly called himself a liberal. He was the 20th century’s great defender of capitalism and the free society. He decided to settle the issue about what is liberalism once at for all.

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