Naomi Brockwell Ignited – Ross Ulbricht’s Sentencing With Jeffrey Tucker and Naomi Brockwell

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    Ross Ulbricht Trial – Radio Show

    This Saturday 18th Jan at 5pm EST Juan Galt be interviewing one of the Developers of NXT’s Freemarket platform, a decentralized ebay that could become the next and most disruptive Silk Road yet. Though it will be much more than just a Silk Road. We will discuss why this case matters to him as a developer as well as many aspects of the Silk Road trial so far and much more. Stay tuned! Tomorrow Saturday at 5pm EST, on SuperNET radio network, join the chat, ask questions! ‪ #‎freeross‬ ‪ #‎silkroadtrial

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    Ross Ulbricht convicted of running Silk Road  What is the next step? Surely Ross will appeal, on what grounds? And what about the charges of murder for hire?

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Namoi Brockwell and Jeffrey Tucker will spend the hour reflecting on the sentencing of Ross Ulbricht. Naomi attended in person and will share her first-hand experience of being in the courtroom. The stunning harshness of the sentence and the lack of mercy shown to Ross are hard to accept. Please share in the conversation and be part of coming together as a community to show support for Ross.

Directly after Naomi and Jeffrey conclude their conversation, Tatiana Moroz will be on Live with a special show dedicated to Ross featuring his mother Lyn Ulbricht. You can join here.

Also, Jeffrey Tucker’s recent article on the tragic sentencing is not to be missed.

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