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  •  Matt Powers

    Should a new altcoin protocol allow for transaction reversibility?

    It appears to me that one of the biggest drawbacks to the current model of cryptocurrencies is the lack of reversibility in transactions. Historically, third parties such as banks have enabled transactions to be reversed, such as refunds or guaranteeing purchases. I think that if cryptocurrencies want to avoid third parties as much as possible, they should adopt a method for reversing transactions for the purpose of dispute resolution. Thoughts?

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  •  Thecoinrepublic

    Ethereum is still in bull Run Regardless of its 7% decrease, Ready to Rise Even

    The cryptocurrency market is enjoying bullish movement in past days, but yesterday thecryptocurrency market has faced the bearish movement and most of the cryptocurrency and altcoins have experienced loss in their values. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Binance Coin has experienced high loss in there value. Ethereum, the largest altcoins wasn’t spare by the bearish trend. Although the value of Ethereum has crossed $200, now the value of $300 is far to reach and before Ethereum could make any move higher the bearish trend correction got started. In recent time, this bearish correction is very bad. The experts think that this bearish trend is not long enough, the bullish run is still alive and can come back very soon with full power. Current Status of Ethereum (ETH): Present trading value of Ethereum is $237.33 USD and the value of the Ethereum is decreased by -1.29%. The market capitalization of Ethereum $25,184,769,554 USD and $13,615,044,364 USD. Ethereum’s circulating supply is 106,116,997 ETH. Yesterday, Ethereum was trading at the value of $239.00 and the market capitalization of the coin was $25,358,502,345 USD at 16:00:00 UTC. Today, the bearish movement is still on and the currency is suffering loss, but a few days ago in its bullish rally, the value even achieved the price of $274 USD. This type of correction in the value of cryptocurrencies in the market is normal, it is even the best way for the bullish force to go even higher. The value of ETH is close to its 20 days EMA and it is unable to hold its position firm the currency will decrease up to $210 USD. If the bullish rally comes, then the value of the Ethereum could go as high as $279 USD. The trading is also still from the previous 30 days. The trading volume of the at $7 billion and the buy support extended up to 10% from the highest bidding value. Even after the bearish trend, the technical indicator shows that the Ethereum’s value is still bullish. The price of the Ethereum has increased from its lower value of $83 USD of the previous value. The expert’s prediction about the Ethereum’s value of 2019 is still bullish because it still holds the position of leading decentralized computer of the world. Ethereum is also launching Serenity upgrade (Ethereum 2.0).

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  •  Thecoinrepublic

    Dogecoin partnership with Trippki: More Chances for Bullish Movement

    Dogecoin is gaining so much popularity since it was launched. Yesterday the reports published about Dogecoin, that one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange’ is adding Dogecoin into their wallet. It is a massive success for Dogecoin in the cryptocurrency market. Dogecoin was first allianced with Litecoin and that partnership broke in the year 2019. It was launched in the market as a fun cryptocurrency with the symbol of Japanese breed dog Shiba Inu ‘Doge’, which is a very famous internet meme. But it gains success in the cryptocurrency global market and currently placed at 29th position in the market. Today, the news broke out stating that Dogecoin is now has made a partnership with ‘Trippki’ the hotel booking firm. The has not only to tie up with this hotel booking firm. It is tying up with the other major virtual currency firm such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. Current Value of Dogecoin (DOGE) – The present trading value of the Dogecoin (DOGE) is $0.002530. The market capitalization of the currency is $302,049,787 USD and the 24-hour volume of the coin is $31,704,618. The circulating supply of the Dogecoin is 119,405,899,704 DOGE. Currently, the market is under bearish trend and almost all of the currency has experienced a decrease in their present trading value in the market. As well Dogecoin has also experienced a decrease of -2.42% today. The experts and traders are hoping that after the news of the partnership with Trippki and integrating with Coinbase the value of the Dogecoin will gain momentum and receive its bullish pace back and its price will increase.

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  •  Thecoinrepublic

    IOTA Price Prediction : will latest partnership with jaguar land rover surge IOT

    Amazing news for the cryptocurrency world, the United Kingdom giant Jaguar Land Rover has decided to enter into the crypto world. Yes, indeed, the entry will come about by the teaming up of Jaguar Land Rover with the IOTA foundation, the company whose aim is to create a future economy. So what is the exact step? Jaguar Land Rover is presently testing smart wallet technology that will enable the drivers to earn digital currencies while driving. The drivers only need to share the information regarding the condition of the roads and traffic situations prevalent in a particular place at a particular time. Sounds simple isn’t it. This indeed is going to give a boost to the Cryptocurrenciesand bring them to the limelight. The information provided by the drivers in the real time will be passed on to the drivers who are stuck up in traffic and they will take different route to the reach the location. They will reach their location on time. The credits earned in the form of digital currencies through providing data can be redeemed by a different range of services such as purchasing a cup of coffee on the road, paying toll taxes, parking and even plugging in the electrical charging station (for electrical vehicles). Jaguar Land Rover is presently testing the wallet in Ireland. The step is indeed going to bring digital currencies in the limelight and other automobiles and Multinationals Corporation will also be keen to enter into the crypto world.

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  •  Diana Dsouza

    Trending Cryptocurrency Exchanges News- Coinpedia

    Keyport Applications Accepts Encrypted Messages Built on BCH Blockchain The Keyport application, a platform that utilizes the OP_Codes of BCH network enables to send and accept encrypted messages. It is built on BCH Blockchain and Toku Protocol which encrypts the message and fix in OP_Return of a transaction. Read more here: Keyport Applications Accepts Encrypted Messages Built on BCH Blockchain Hitbtc Crypto Exchange suspended Services in Japan Due to unauthorize financial regulatory, Hitbtc has suspended its services in Japan. The citizens with Japanese IP addresses were asked to provide their residency details within exchange’s KYC process to prove they are not resident of Japan. Read more here: Hitbtc Crypto Exchange suspended Services in Japan Huobi Crypto Exchange to Team up with Newmargin Capital and Kiwoom Securities Singapore based crypto exchange; Huobi has revealed its new partnership to create a blockchain startup investment fund in China and South Korea. Recently, Huobi has announced cryptocurrency exchange traded fund offerings. Read more here: Huobi to Team up with Newmargin Capital and Kiwoom Securities Bittrex Gets Bank Approval to Help Clients Buy Bitcoin with Dollars Bittrex, the Seattle-based crypto exchange has signed an agreement with Signature Bank in New York, on Thursday 31st, 2018. The firm will directly allow customers to trade digital currencies using US dollars. Read more here: Bittrex Gets Bank Approval to Help Clients Buy Bitcoin with Dollars   

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