Panel: Microeconomics With Adam Knott, Alexander J. Malt and Calvin Hayes

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    The Use of Knowledge in Society

    The Use of Knowledge in Society Understanding this essay will get you from here to there in forming a theory of the social order. It is that important and no liberty-minded intellectual can afford not to have mastered its contents. Hayek helps you see the world around you in a new way. No way can it be planned. Not only that: there is no way this world can finally be ruled. Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag the-use-of-knowledge-in-society

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Calvin Hayes, retired professor, Brock University, “’The Pretense of Knowledge’ and the Possession of Knowledge”

Alexander J. Malt, University of Durham, “Political Philosophy after Alan Turing”

Adam Knott, Independent Scholar, “Introduction to the Theory of Interpersonal Action”

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