Politics After Dark – Put Your Big L Panties On! With Rachel Mills

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    Who is the most important libertarian writer ever?

    Informal poll: Who is the most important writer in the whole libertarian tradition? Thomas Paine Rose Wilder Lane Murray Rothbard Ayn Rand (I know, I know, she doesn’t want to be on this list, but she is) JRR Tolkien Some other? I’m looking through the table of contents in Jeff Riggenbach’s The Libertarian Tradition and trying figure out who deserves the top spot.

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Rachel has determined that it really is time to give up on the GOP (at least this go round) and vote Big L Libertarian. For that epiphany, she will have Libertarian National Party Chair, Nicholas Sarwark on to agree with her.

Her second guest will be Jason Ditz, news editor of Antiwar.com, to discuss his recent article “ISIS and the End of Cash” and how the war on terror has enabled the interests of central banking.

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