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  • Christopher Monko

    Where is the Liberty Movement's Cajones

    I propose, that if the “liberty movement” actually cared about freedom they would not be begging for it every 2, 4, or 6 years. Sadly, they do and all, if not most of the liberty movement consists of waving our fingers in the air demanding that politicians change their ways. If the “lawmakers” ignore the finger pointing, the movement just waves more fingers and hopes that maybe they can elect a new group of lying politicians in the next elections. Now perhaps, they are too caught up in a cult of personality like trance, drooling at the mouth over Republicans like Rand Paul, & Justin Amash ( who are very willing to use government as an agent of coercion which, is counter to libertarian theory) to realize the true path to liberty. You will often hear many within the movement speak of the slave owning founding fathers and their idea’s for government as grand and wonderful ideas but in application they couldn’t be further away. If I am correct, the declaration of independence stated that “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” NOT “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to dissolve the political bands between one group and another that we should kindly ask the political group oppressing the other to change their ways.” However, when you even hint at the option of opting out of the system ie. session many will cry out that “it’s bad for my movement” all the while obediently paying taxes to be used for the hiring of another murdering police officer, the droning of middle eastern women and children, and the further erosion of liberties at home. But that’s okay right? As long as we can have a meaningless vote cashed into the slaves suggestion box every election cycle and don’t look like extremists. Lastly, imagine all the money that could be saved, jobs that could be created, and rise in production if we didn’t waste our time, energy, and resources campaigning for an individual who will turn their back on the voters. The Liberty Movement certainly talks the talk, but when will they walk the walk?  

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  • Seth Shore

    App for shutting down bad Legislation and promoting grass roots elections

    Hey Everyone, I’m new to Liberty.me but not to the Liberty Movement. I was paying attention to it in 2008 and finally drank the kool-aid in 2012. I’m posting here because I’ve been bootstrapping the development of a legislation alert app and I am hoping that it helps grassroots movements in shutting down bad legislation and getting good candidates elected. The basic idea is to connect our nation’s outspoken political activists (10% of the population roughly) with the remaining interested bystanders (about 49% of the population, representing people who care but prefer to remain anonymous) so that their combined leverage can shut down bad legislation or help get good legislation passed. Opinion data on pending bills is filterable by district and can be used to hold representatives accountable to the will of their constituency. Come election time, users can also easily compare their private voting history with a representative’s public voting record in order to make a much more informed vote than normal. There are two types of accounts: Mobilizers: These are public accounts that can be followed by other users and can post alerts on pending State and Federal legislation. This account type logs in via web browser and requires an invite code currently. Apptivists: These are private accounts that follow public accounts and vote on the bills they are alerted to by the Mobilizers. This account type logs in via a simple phone app and is open to anyone with an iOS device (Android coming soon!). Much more detailed info on the project can be found by scrolling down the homepage of our website: http://www.apptivism.us We’ve recently launched our MVP of the application and I’ve set up an invite code that can be used by people from Liberty.me if anyone here would like to register as a Public Mobilizer account. As this is my attempt to help promote liberty in our country, we have decided to make Apptivism free to use for both account types. Also, this app is meant to work together with other social media services like FB and Twitter. It’s not a replacement. That’s what Liberty.me is for. 😉 If anyone here has any questions, I’d love to answer them and I’d love to get feedback on the whether this type of system is something that could be useful to the liberty community. Thanks in advance! Cheers! seth PS: Here’s a brief video explaining the system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah4bJG5NNks

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  • Michael Andbowinkle

    Does the Liberty crowd and its adherents consider VOTING a Right or a Privilege?

    I find it odd that the Libertarian candidates never touch base on this issue in their campaigns. I want all anarchists, Libertarians, Anarcho-Capitalists, ect too answer.   The photo below shows the “Great Society” leader, and the other who was accused of being a Communist insurgent shaking hands over the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I guess this photograph sums-up on what version of history one will refuse to accept, and the other which will be accepted as the “norm.”  

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  • The Wry Guys

    Electile Dysfunction 2016 — Animated Video

    Hi everyone, We could all use a good laugh these days, so just thought I’d pass along one of our new animated videos. For Liberty, The Wry Guys

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  • Alexis Maria Sheehy

    The Voluntaryst Self Defense Case for Voting Trump

    Over the past five months or so, I admit I’ve been intrigued—indeed, perhaps obsessed—with the American elections. More specifically, I’ve been fascinated by the Trump phenomenon and by the stunning hordes of people that either support him and hate him. The time I’ve spent learning about American Democracy has made me realize that my previous opposition to statism as a whole, as well as my rejection of voting on principle, was founded on abstract and philosophical discussion alone. I had an utter lack of experience and interest in politics. Throughout my whole life, the political process has seemed hopelessly corrupt and out of reach. It was easy for me to conclude that voting was hopelessly pointless and probably immoral. Today my views have changed, not much, but enough that I feel compelled to talk about my thoughts and not just keep them to myself. This is an exploration of a self-defense case for voting that is consistent with Voluntaryist principles, as well as a discussion on the potential merits of voting for Donald Trump to advance the cause of liberty. Before I make that case however, let me lay down two essential facts that have propelled me to this point. The Voluntaryst Self Defense Case for Voting Trump

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Join Rachel Mills (formerly of LiberTea with Rachel) for Saturday night at Liberty.me LIVE! Rachel’s guest this episode will be Zack Werrell, the 23-year-old campaign manager who led David Brat to a primary victory which unseated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and led to Brat’s win on election day. Zack and Rachel will talk about the sorry state of politics and look for reasons to be hopeful. Join them Saturday, November 15th at 9pm EST!

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