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  •  Seth Cochran

    Social Effects of Homeschooling

    Two years ago, my twelve-year-old brother got cancer. He was in public school, sixth grade. He’s fourteen now and perfectly healthy but he missed a lot of class in the mean time. My parents fought the school, teachers and administrators alike, attempting to get my brother educated during his illness. That bad experience with the public school system led my parents to homeschool my brother for the past year. He works only three days a week, yet learns more than his public school peers. He still has one elective for which he attends public school, and he’s told us that, although he takes regular math classes, he’s conversant with his peers who take honors and advanced placement classes. The most obvious and striking difference was the change in his personality. When he attended public school he talked and acted like his peers. He used their slang, dressed like they dressed, and had the same opinions and attitudes. Since he’s been homeschooled he’s undergone the transformation into an individual. Even though he still interacts with his peers daily, he talks differently and chooses his own styles. He’s naturally individualistic but his time away from his peers allowed him to recognize what parts of him were influenced socially and become his own person. Ideally, the educational system would produce unique, thoughtful individuals but too often it produces cookie-cutter drones, spouting the same dull ideas. I’ve been fortunate to witness a young person escape that fate.

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  •  B.K. Marcus

    The Secular Homeschooler

    The Secular Homeschooler by Teri P. Moore A Nonreligious Guide for Helping Kids Build Competence, Independence and Ethics Outside of a School Environment (This book will be free to Liberty.me members in the month of July.) Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_the-secular-homeschooler

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  •  Streeter

    Homeschoolers/ Unschoolers: How can liberty.me serve you?

    I was homeschooled up until the 11th grade when it became necessary for my family to send me to a private school primarily because my father was worried he was not equipped to get whatever paperwork together to ensure I could get into a good college straight out of homeschool. The plan worked pretty well and I was able to attend the college of my choice. But the cost was high. I absolutely hated the standardized classroom of private school(I didn’t like college’s standardization levels much either but college was still fun). But my experience led me to want to make sure other students in similar situations would not be forced to go to a private or public school just to smooth the path to college if that is their desired outcome. To that end, how can this community help you, the homeschooling parent, the homeschooled student(who may still have friends or siblings), reach your educational goals? Any information, from the most grandiose abstract, to the most tediously specific, would be of great help. Except for corrections of my grammar, those belong on hate-filled screeds at the NYT.

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  •  B.K. Marcus

    Best Homeschooling Books

    What are your favorite homeschooling books? Here’s one we’ve found extremely important: http://www.trelease-on-reading.com/ @jendjinn

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  •  Zain D

    Collective Homeschooling

    Has anyone here had any experience with or at least heard of collective homeschool groups in their communities? What I mean by “collective homeschooling” is that a certain number of families pool their resources and share the duties of homeschooling a small group of children. This seems like it would accomplish many of the goals of homeschooling (individualized learning, one-on-one interaction) as well as provide for the social aspects of public school… not to mention easing the burden off the parents’ shoulders.

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Author and advocate for freedom and Unschooling, Dayna Martin, will share her experience raising four children without the institution of school and the traditional authoritarian parenting paradigm of training children. She will discuss how children can learn to read and write without force or coercion, easily. She will also share how to facilitate your children’s learning, based on their interests.

Dayna will share why children never need to be punished or rewarded and how you can live in peace and partnership with your family through focusing on the needs of your children, instead of trying to control and manipulate behavior. Dayna will share how children living with freedom in regards to bedtime, media and foods offers them more opportunity to be healthy and balanced. A side effect of respecting children in their autonomy, is that they learn to respect others in theirs. Children learn what they live and you will experience the power of these words like never before! Join Dayna August 30th at 8pm EDT!

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