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  •  Jeffrey Tucker

    Education: Free and Compulsory

    Education: Free and Compulsory Murray Rothbard explained the significance of home schooling before it was fashionable. He goes over the history and argues that the ideal educational is private tutorial. I wonder if he is fully right about this, since, after all, one of the main criticisms of home schooling is the reduced opportunities for socialization. I’ve never taken that criticism seriously but it does remain true that there is a strong market demand for group-based schooling, even within the homeschool community. Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_Education

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  •  B.K. Marcus

    The Secular Homeschooler

    The Secular Homeschooler by Teri P. Moore A Nonreligious Guide for Helping Kids Build Competence, Independence and Ethics Outside of a School Environment (This book will be free to members in the month of July.) Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_the-secular-homeschooler

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  •  Mike Avi

    Secular Student Events

    Hey, so I will be co-president of my university’s libertarian group and president of the secular student alliance next year. Aside from a separation of church and state event, what might be a cool event or presentation to do that could help members of either group learn more about the other? Note: a large number of our campus’ libertarians are non-religious and a large number of our secular student group members (Secular Student Alliance) are socially left and economically all over the place.

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  •  Moritz Bierling

    Alternative Education Options

    I’ve started to notice more and more private education companies being founded that offer alternatives to the established education system. So far I know of the following: The UnCollege Gap Year: “A 12-month skills-building regimen designed to equip young adults to succeed in the 21st century.” Praxis: “An intensive 10-month program for entrepreneurial young people who want real-world career experience and the best of online education all in one.” Exosphere‘s Entrepreneurship Boot Camps: “An 8-week program at Exosphere’s headquarters in Chile for people who are committed to setting their lives on a new course, combining technical skill acquisition, real business practice, and deep philosophical and intellectual reflection.” I myself work at Exosphere and we’re noticing how more and more people become interested in these alternative programs. What other options are out there that I’m missing?

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  •  Matt Phillips

    Parents of toddlers: Peaceful ways to deal with specific situations

    Many of the folks who aren’t familiar with peaceful parenting would probably like to see real world examples, and parents who have already adopted the ideas would probably love to hear other parents’ ideas and methods for dealing with specific situations.   Let’s add some discussion of practice to the great discussions surrounding theory that are already ongoing.   I think it would be really constructive for a discussion to start like this: My kid is doing X. Do you guys have ideas or solutions for dealing with it?   I’ll get as much use out of this type of conversation as anyone, since my son is 2.5 and my daughter is seven weeks. So I’d love to see some posts!

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Is college actually something worth pursuing, or is it an overpriced, time-wasting experience? Are there alternatives to modern college education that actually educate, empower, and prepare students for the world? Isaac Morehouse offers potentially life-changing ideas.

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