Sci-Fi Economics, Session #2 with Lucas Engelhardt With Lucas Engelhardt

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Science Fiction has long been a favorite genre for liberty-lovers. But can it teach Economics? Enter “Sci-Fi Economics,” a four-part original course from LIVE. Instead of assigned (suggested) readings, we’ll have “assigned watchings” from your favorite sci-fi TV shows. Professor Lucas Engelhardt, himself a connoisseur of science fiction, will be your guide.

This week will focus on with “Black Market,” Season 2 Episode 14 of Battlestar Galactica, available free in standard definition on YouTube, and for digital purchase from Amazon Instant Video, Apple TV, and Vudu. Prof. Engelhardt will use this episode to discuss the follies of rationing programs, and will show why free markets are much more effective at allocating resources. What creates black markets? Are they a negative influence, or an expression of freedom under oppression? Join Lucas Engelhardt for some fun applying lessons from fiction to real-world facts Monday, October 20th at 9pm EDT, only on LIVE!

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