Sci-Fi Economics, Session #3 with Lucas Engelhardt With Lucas Engelhardt

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    The dumbest(or funniest) arguments against liberty

    I was listening to a podcast with Robert Murphy about his book ‘Chaos Theory’ wherein he brought up some arguments against market anarchy, Anarchocapitalism, etc.and one of them really struck me, to paraphrase: “Some people worry that companies may rise up and begin to act like states, abusing power, limit rights and the like. So their argument is ‘Well, if we got rid of the state, its possible we might get the state again. Wouldn’t that be terrible?’ ” It is on its face a pretty weak argument, I’m sure many of us have heard, and so easily refuted(or mocked). So what are some of the dumbest/funniest arguments you have heard against liberty?

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Science Fiction has long been a favorite genre for liberty-lovers. But can it teach Economics? Enter “Sci-Fi Economics,” a four-part original course from LIVE. Instead of assigned (suggested) readings, we’ll have “assigned watchings” from your favorite sci-fi TV shows. Professor Lucas Engelhardt, himself a connoisseur of science fiction, will be your guide.

This week’s session will concentrate on “By Any Means Necessary,” Season 1 Episode 12 of Babylon 5, available for digital purchase on Amazon Instant Video and Vudu. The topics for this session will be subjective preferences, the relationship between governments, unions, and markets, and more! Are unions good for the economy? How can government intervention screw up labor markets? Dr. Engelhardt will discuss these issues and more Monday, October 27th at 9pm EDT, only on LIVE!

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