Scotch and Scholars — Why Nations Jail With Mike Reid

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  •  Jack Wahlquist

    Cop-Blocking Services: Defending Our Rights?

    I just read an article about a woman who gave birth at home. She and the father stayed with their child for several days, neither of them working. But on day 6 when they went into the hospital for a check up, they were treated like criminals or idiots. Their child was forcibly taken away, sent to a pediatric center at a different hospital, and tested for a thousand different things. Nothing was wrong. A social worker was trying to prove negligence to have the child sent to foster care! The couple were not allowed to leave until 9:30PM after a whole day of waiting, and were billed over $3,000 for the whole experience. If they had tried to protect their child, they would have been imprisoned and removed from their child longer.   For dire situations like this, I keep envisioning communities and neighborhoods banding together against it. The individual, our divided people fighting each other, is not strong enough to fight back against the gov’t. I imagine services like that privatized Detroit Police, which focuses on non-violent ways of deterring the situation, disarming the threat, etc. Very NAP. I just know if I come into contact with cops it’s going to be a hella bad time for me. I’ve been working out so I can actually be strong enough to learn self-defense without straining something. But it’s not enough. Even the best trained individual will be charged and detained for shooting at a cop in self defense, or something.

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  •  Michael Andbowinkle

    What role do prisons play in a Free society?

    Or should there be prisons? There was one video I saw on You tube but I cant find it, stating “No prisons in a Free society.” If everyone carried guns, would we even need State/Federal prisons? I believe you should have private institutions like extended care living facilities that could be charity based, to look after so called, “criminals.” My idea, was that you can have one that looks after each-type-of-crime. Such as, having one facility for violent criminals, another for sex criminals, and another for theft. That way, each category can be examined separately instead of throwing them in all-together which is a festering danger. If any of you can help me find information on no prisons in a free society., please let me know. Videos are always great and easy.

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  •  Meg G.

    Prison in America: Protection rackets

    Prison in America: Protection rackets | The Economist U had an Author’s Forum with Dr. Skarbek on his book, The Social Order of the Underworld: How Prison Gangs Govern the American Penal System, and The Economist has now given it a review. Congrats to Dr. David Skarbek!

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Join Mike Reid with Dr. Daniel D’Amico. D’Amico is associate director of the Political Theory Project at Brown University. He researches the growth of the prison system, and how musicians used mutual aid to make a comeback after Katrina.

Why are prison populations exploding all over the world?

How can people respond to disasters without the state?

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