Startup Cities: The Future of Liberty with Zachary Caceras With Zac Caceras

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  • Meg G.

    What do you think of startup cities?

    I’ve been following the startup cities initiative for a while, and I’m always surprised by how many liberty-lovers haven’t heard of them. How many people here are aware of the initiatives and what do you think of them? Would you be willing to move to one and under what conditions (e.g., right away, give it a few years to develop, etc.)?

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  • Matt Gilliland

    What gives you hope?

    FEE published an expanded version of the article I posted here last week on the advances we’ve made in freedom ( In it, I talk about things that give me hope for liberty, including startup cities, seasteading, projects like OpenBazaar and Defense Distributed, etc. What gives you hope? Peaceful parenting? Politics? I’m interested in knowing why (or why not) others are optimistic.

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Organizations like the Seasteading Institute, the Startup Cities Institute, the Free State Project, and more, are becoming larger and more dynamic threats to nation-states. Zachary Caceras argues the key to achieving a future of liberty lies in these alternative institutions. Liberty will be achieved through “an industry of start-up governments, all competing with one another to provide the best services possible, and tailoring them to the wide variety of preferences that people have.” Join Zac June 9th at 9pm EDT to learn more about this exciting project!

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