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  • Jeffrey Tucker

    Common Sense by Thomas Paine

    Common Sense Thomas Paine urged revolution and immediately but what did he mean by that? Did he long for violence? I don’t think so. He longed for independence. Did the revolution turn out the way he imagined? Not at all. When he returned from France, he was arrested and derided for his free-thinking ways. Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_Common Sense

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  • Michael Wagner


    To all members: Be sure to check out the Library. There are loads of free books you can download, many of them in ePub format. Please go ahead and download all of them! The more digital copies of these books exist, the harder it will be for the Powers That Be to destroy them. I found some great titles that I had not been able to find elsewhere. Have fun!

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  • Andrew David

    Youtube Library

    Hey all. New member here. For about a year I’ve been making book videos on youtube, either reviews or book hauls. 99% of my books are featured in videos and thought I would link it in case people are interested. Every video is also indexed so you can search for books and it will show you the videos I talk about that particular book. My library vids: My reviews (you may particularly be interested in Adler’s How to Read a Book review): Here is also a video I have left unlisted (not public except who have the link) regarding a series I wanted to make that would cover the beginning of time to the present day. I discuss why I was doing it (to become more educated/well-read) and posting it here in case anyone is interested:

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  • Martin Moravec

    An Electronic Edition of Leonard E. Read's Library

    Hi everyone,   to make the Leonard E. Read‘s life work more accessible for anyone to read, we’ve decided to publish his whole library in ePub, Mobi, HTML and PDF formats without reserving any rights, making it free for everyone to read, share, edit and sell. An early draft version of the first two books, Accent On The Right and Anything That’s Peaceful (including the essay I, Pencil), as well as the first three pamphlets from the library, Conscience On The Battlefield, Endowed By Their Creator and Instead Of Violence are already available at the Liberty’s Library. In case you’ll find the venture interesting, feel free to join. The library will be CC0 licensed, so happy reading, sharing, editing and selling!   Thanks for your time and have fun reading Leonard E. Read’s work. Best, Martin

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  • B.K. Marcus

    Reading Group, Wednesdays 8 PM ET

    We pulled together a very last-minute bookworm hangout last Wednesday. A half dozen of us ended up having a very casual, very fun time in Google Hangouts before migrating into Jeffrey’s class on Faustino Ballve’s Essentials of Economics. (And I think I saw the same people in Walter Block’s class after that.) Several people have already told me they couldn’t make last week’s hangouts, but they’ll be there this Wednesday night. We’re going to use the second meeting to get to know each other, talk about what books we’d like to read, and what framework works best for most of you. There’s been a lot of interest in discussing Murray Rothbard’s What Has Government Done to Our Money? as our first book, but that’s not set in stone. It’s one of my favorite short histories, and I consider it a great introduction to monetary theory, but Matt Gilliland warns us that crypto-currencies have cast some doubt on one or two of Rothbard’s assertions. Should make for interesting discussion. I hope you can make it. We’ll meet in Chat around 8 PM Eastern and probably move to Google Hangouts. (For our Asian bookworms, I know that this meeting is early in the morning for you, but we’re already discussing having another meeting at the opposite end of the day (my morning, your evening) so that we can all find fellow bookworms for a convenient ongoing reading group.) See you there!

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Were the Founding Fathers really the champions of liberty as they are portrayed in history books and the mainstream media? Many liberty-lovers consider the Founders to be brilliant thinkers who created the greatest system of governance known to man; people whose vision we ought to return to. Accomplished libertarian author, Sheldon Richman, discusses the Founding Fathers from a radical new perspective and argues there is more to the United States’ creators than we are led to believe.

Join Sheldon July 29th at 7pm EDT for this fascinating jump into history!

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