The Denationalization of Money With Jeffrey Tucker

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  • Jeffrey Tucker

    What Has Government Done to Our Money?

    What Has Government Done to Our Money? Rothbard explains the long decline of market money rooted in gold to government money based on paper. This classic monograph taught millions to distrust the government and central bank system. It also instilled a pro-gold perspective that might have blinded people to other possibilities such as cryptocurrency. The hoped for reform from the top never came but we are seeing real reform from the bottom and it has nothing to do with gold. Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_what-has-government-done-to-our-money

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  • Blue Square

    Poll: Questions for the Bitcoin Brothers

    I’m doing a LIVE event with the Bitcoin Brothers, Steve + Sam Patterson next week on Wednesday night at 9 EST. Sam’s the author of Up and Running with Bitcoin and Steve is the author of the new book, What’s the Big Deal about Bitcoin?. Together, they are the perfect resource for a Bitcoin newb like me. We have some ideas for a bitcoin-basics walkthrough with Steve + Sam, but we’re eager to find out what YOU interested in. So ask your questions here!   Do you want to learn more about How can I buy my first Bitcoin? How can I buy stuff with Bitcoins? Were Steve + Sam genetically engineered by Satoshi Nakamoto? What are the theoretical basics of the technology? The econo-political implications of crypto-currencies? Cool future applications of cryptocurrencies? Pros and cons of Bitcoin vs various Altcoins? How many more cryptocurrency clones are there in the Patterson family? Ups and downs of the Bitcoin market? The biggest challenges to Bitcoin’s future? Something else we haven’t thought of yet? Answer below to let me and the Bros know what questions you have for the Bitcoin Brothers, and we’ll respond to your questions next week on LIVE.

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  • wolske

    "Ownership of bitcoins actually means ownership of [a] private key."

    Thank you for making this clear in your opening section — it’s something that so many people fail to understand, and it really is fundamental to understanding how Bitcoin works. “Bitcoins” are not stored IN your wallet; your wallet is really a set of private keys that allow you to create+sign a transaction that affects an amount of BTC. BTC isn’t really stored anywhere, except in the blockchain, where it is the result/balance of a set of transactions. The only thing I would consider revising in that section is that a wallet is a collection of many sets of public/private keys, there isn’t just one private key for the whole wallet. Every outbound transaction that doesn’t use the full balance of an existing address generates a new “change” address, for example, with a new set of public/private keys. Most of these details can be kept out-of-sight of end-users, but at the risk of having them accidentally abandon wallets by only moving the private keys that they know about (and assuming that all subsequent transactions re-used those addresses).

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  • John Jones

    $1 Worth of Bitcoin to the Next 5 New Bitcoin Wallet Owners – 4 left

    I am stealing this idea from Bruce Fenton over on Reddit, but he ok’d it: Want to learn about Bitcoin? No better way to learn about Bitcoin than to try it. This will take about 3 minutes. I’ll send $1 worth of Bitcoin free to the next 5 members who – 1) Download a free wallet app (I recommend Blockchain). 2) Send me the wallet address or QR code by Message or point me to the address in your profile. Bingo, you get Bitcoin and see how it works first hand. Newcomers only please. If you pros want to scam me out of a buck so be it, but I am not too worried about that here. John.

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  • Robert Murphy

    Online Predictions of Bitcoin Bubble?

    Hi everyone, I’m working on an article talking about whether Bitcoin is in a bubble. I vaguely remember at many points over the last few years when financial bloggers declared, “That’s it, we’ve seen Bitcoin run its course.” Can people give me link(s) to a few of these, ideally from “famous” pundits?

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What if the government let anyone use a currency of his or her own choosing? What if the government permitted entrepreneurs to innovate in the monetary sector, such as by creating digital currencies or minting commodity money?

This is precisely what F.A. Hayek argues in his book written in 1974, The Denationalization of Money.

Join Jeffrey Tucker to explore the importance of monetary freedom in building a free society.

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