The Fatal Conceit of Foreign Intervention with Chris Coyne With Chris Coyne

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  •  Bruce Koerber

    Interventionism Causes The Rich To Get Richer And The Poor To Get Poorer.

    Since humans are subjective it is impossible for arbitrary regulation to serve the individuals; which is exactly why self-regulation is condemned by the interventionists. Interventionists are serving themselves at the expense of individuals and their arbitrary regulations are not only scientifically invalid (since humans are subjective) but they enrich the interventionists and their friends at the expense of everyone else. Interventionism is the manifestation of statism which is also a type of socialism. It is a scourge to human civilization.

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  •  Mark McCammon

    How to Simplify the Tax Code

    It can be a challenge to keep up with all the taxes one needs to pay throughout the year, and than to deal with all the paperwork that needs to be filed can be frustrating. What would be a good way to simplify the Tax Code? Below is a list of some of the taxes that we the people need to pay, or at least we experience their effects at one time or another. -Medicare, Medicare, Social Security, Federal Inocme Tax, State tax, Local Tax, Corporate tax, Sales Tax, Property Tax, estate tax, alcohol tax, tobacco tax, gift tax, tariffs on imports and exports, etc. Would a simple flat or consumption tax do the trick?

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  •  Jack Feka

    New Encroachments by Government

    I’ve just recently blogged about Insidious Government Encroachment which I believe would provide the basis on a useful discussion here.   I’d be interested and hearing the views and experiences of others from this group.

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  •  Zeroth Position
  •  Bruce Koerber

    Why Are Politicians Like Chameleons?

    As long as politicians are given permission by an uneducated electorate to act like an ego-driven interventionist or an ego-driven interpreter we will see the two sides of a ‘possessed’ human being. The moral side can only truly and consistently be maintained when it becomes common knowledge among the electorate that all human intervention into the economy is a corruption. Then the politician will then say, “What is there then for me to do?” That is how ingrained the ignorance is. Statesmanship is a complete unknown to these chameleons!

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What can the insights of F.A. Hayek and the economics profession as a whole tell us about foreign intervention? Can we use economics to analyze foreign policy? Economist Chris Coyne applies economic principles to the prospect of “spreading democracy.” Come to U and learn more Thursday, July 24th at 8:30pm EDT.

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