The Libertarian Nuremberg Trials with Walter Block With Walter Block

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  • Michael Andbowinkle

    Basis for victimless Crimes?

    How is a victimless crime still a crime? That doesn’t make any sense. A contradiction in terms. I credit this to: Lorie Meacham. Is it the unintended consequences of a crime? People who were not meant to be hurt, but were hurt in the process? If thats the case, wouldn’t they all be victims still?

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  • Michael Andbowinkle

    Is a right a law?

    I’m debating, a jack-ass who is saying that the “law” gives you rights. Its insured by the Constitution. His view is: “The point is that you have rights because the laws of the country you live in say you do.” I want to shove my foot up this persons ass so bad. Its like talking to a broken record! The Constitution does not ensure anything. Its basically a guideline. And I prove this in the fact that the US Gov. takes away peoples rights. Which means that the document of the Constitution is meaningless. Because, the government doesn’t CARE about violating people rights. So I ask you all, Is a right a “law?” Are rights established through laws? Or are we already born with those rights? HE is trying to make it sound as if there were NO Constitution, we would have no rights! Please dont tell me that’s true guys. I even asked him, Do people in other countries who dont have a Constitution have rights? And of course…. he did not answer. Its like he is not listening to me at all. He is just parroting.

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How should libertarians approach punishment? If one day our dreams of a free society are realized, what happens to the Fed Chairman, the former presidents, or common soldiers? Walter Block, the tireless defender of the undefendable, has an opinion on the matter. Come ask your questions and hear Walter’s libertarian theory of punishment!

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