The Tatiana Show [Featuring Robert Murphy] With Robert Murphy and Tatiana Moroz

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  •  Patrick Hatten

    Ask Robert Murphy

    Robert Murphy is going to be my guest on In The Garage in a few weeks, and I want to ask him some of your questions.   When I conceived the idea of my podcast, one of the aspects that I wanted to have was to help people with their problems, not unlike a radio show such as Loveline. Now, one of the problems that I ran into is having a phone bank (and call screeners) on a budget. So, we’ll use the platform to our advantage.   In The Garage is different from most libertarian shows. I’m looking for questions that are more personal (anything from relationship advice to how to fix your job situation; try to avoid the general economics questions that Bob answers on his blog and the Tom Woods Show). So, please post your questions here or email me at [email protected] (for if you want to change your name and such).

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  •  Jade

    Best country for savings?

    I’m considering potentially putting some money in a savings account abroad but of course it’s a minefield in terms of local laws, risk, interest rates, taxes, etc. Does anyone have any experience of doing this? What’s the “best” country to place your money in terms of maximising return? Thanks!

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Tatiana Moroz is a pioneer — a musician and an entrepreneur. Join Tatiana for a little reality, a little reflection, and a little bit of fun with friends.

Her guest this week is renowned karaoke artist (and occasional economist) Robert Murphy.

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