The Tatiana Show — Pamela Morgan of Empowered Law With Josh Scigala and Tatiana Moroz

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  • Michael Magan

    Do Business without Intellectual Property Discussion

    Kick off the discussion on Stephan Kinsella’s guide, Do Business without Intellectual Property! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Guide_do-business-without-intellectual-property

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  • Jonathan Garneau

    Bitcoin p2p lending experience?

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with p2p lending with bitcoins? I can see there seems to be a bunch of cryptocurrency p2p lending sites. Does anybody have any experience with them? I’ve already mined some bitcoins and was thinking it might be interesting to capture a yield on them. Alternatively, I was thinking if the p2p bitcoin is crap and it’s too risky not to get paid back, to take the other side of the trade: borrow (maybe to buy some more mining equipment) and then default on the loan…

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  • Primal Anarchy (Mike)

    P2P statists?

    How are so many that are advocate so powerfully for internet freedom, and P2P systems. But when it comes down to other aspects are very state (progressive) driven ideologically. Mostly along the taxation, welfare systems, state dominion over property rights beyond digital and austerity measures. I am not devoid from abandonment of the state entirely either (trying hard too) but it seems that some articles of information outside of circles are very bipolar on the points. I personally have concerns how certain powers given to government would be better all around as private. I don’t have that much faith in human condition yet. Back on point. They want decentralized p2p systems yet also want a very punitive and welfare modeled state body also. Aren’t these two ideas directly opposed at a root level? They want no government in the matrix but want a very large progressive government in physical expression. As I have tried to learn more and more of the power of P2P, bitcoin, 3D printing, tor etc it makes me see that we are actually encumbered by the simplest expressions of the state in real life. Has state based indoctrination been so well done it is stronger than the anarchist ideas around technologies.  

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  • Nick Grant

    Silver! Where did you buy it?

    Howdy all…first…this is awesome! lol I can’t believe I’m actually in it! Thanks everyone for doing this and putting this most excellent website together. So proud and happy to have a part. 🙂 Ok, so I’m looking to buy silver, but don’t know where to buy because a) I’m totally unfamiliar with the process an db) there seems to be lots and lots of options and it’s a little overwhelming. I’ve dealt with Amagi metals before, and I know they are pretty cool (one of their reps is ancap (they sponsored Speak Liberty NOW), and they’ve even posed on JT’s Facebook wall before…lol), and I’ve spoken to a rep with EuroPacific Capital previously. He was great, but they wanted a minimum of 5k or 10k )I forget which now). Shoudl I just go with a rep from somwhere, or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Cheers!

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  • Randy L. Camper

    Storing Silver

    I often buy silver bars and rounds from the public. In this area of NW Ohio, especially out in the country, we tend to have sulfur in our water. Nothing (natural) will tone unprotected silver faster; first to a (sometimes) pleasing blue, then to purple, and eventually to black. At some point this natural process will begin actually etching into the surface of your coins, rounds or bars. Though it may not affect the sale price of bullion too terribly when you go to liquidate, it isn’t desirable…and tragic when this happens to your collectible coins! Many will be ruined! For safety & security, I highly recommend storing your coins, bullion and/or guns in a safe or other locking container. From there, it is fairly easy to protect against rust & corrosion. To protect your valuables from moisture, purchase silica gel pack(s). Many currently on the market can be reactivated in your oven and used over and over. To protect from other contaminants, I recommend MetalSafe, available from my friend Bern Nagengast at E & T Kointainer. This is a tremendous product that I have used personally for many years. If you plan to store your valuables for any length of time, taking these simple precautions are easy and inexpensive! They are very much worth the extra effort!!

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Tatiana and Josh interview  Pamela Morgan of Empowered Law

Pamela Morgan is an attorney, educator, entrepreneur, and public speaker. She has spent almost her entire career working in and advising small businesses. She is a widely respected authority on multi-signature governance and legal innovation using digital currencies. She is a founder and CEO of Third Key Solutions, LLC, a key management firm that provides operational consulting, audit preparation, and recovery services to companies working with digital currencies. Third Key Solutions is the culmination of her work advising bitcoin startups in multi-signature governance processes and key management.


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