The Tatiana Show – Spells of Genesis With Tatiana Moroz

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This week on The Tatiana Show, everyone’s favorite liberty-loving musician, Tatiana Moroz will be joined by Erik Voorhees and Shaban Shaame to chat about Spells of Genesis! It’s a brand new fantasy game that will use the blockchain and cryptocurrency as core elements of the in-game economy. Tune in to learn how it will all work!

Shaban Shaame is the founder and CEO of EverdreamSoft and the author of Moonga and Spells of Genesis games. Game enthusiast since his childhood, he studied IT systems and he developed his first game – Moonga, in 2004. First available on PC, in 2009 Moonga got its mobile version and it became the first free-to-play game on AppStore, with over 250 000 registrations until now. Today, with his upcoming trading cards/arcade game Spells of Genesis, Shaban and his Team at EverdreamSoft are exploring new possibilities of blockchain technologies and their implementation into the gaming industry.

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