The Tatiana Show: Steemit Edition with Ned Scott, Dan Larimer, Brian Sovryn, and Ryan Singer With Josh Scigala and Tatiana Moroz

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Tatiana and Josh interview Ryan Singer & David Wachsman.

-Ryan is Co-founder and COO of the first institutional Bitcoin exchange: Tradehill. Other ventures include The OpenDocument Foundation, Peace Markets and a stint at SUN Microsystems.

-David is the Founder of Wachsman PR. After starting his career at Linden, Alschuler and Kaplan, a traditional Manhattan agency, David joined a biotech startup as Chief Information Officer. After working with tech consultancy AGMcLeod & Co, David became Communications Director at a mobile app development firm. He later managed political campaigns in Virginia, wrote speeches, and secured endorsements across the state and country. In 2012, David joined advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather in New York, and a year later, Ericho Communications, rising to Executive Director. In 2015, David founded Wachsman PR to provide professional communications expertise to businesses within the spectrum between finance to technology.

– Dr. Brian Sovryn is the proprietor and developer of Zomia Offline Games, as well as the creator and host of the newscast Sovryn Tech that you can also find on this website. His background in technology comes from years spent with multiple tech companies, the U.S. Army, and from being involved in the cypherpunk community since the late 1990’s. Brian also has a Doctorate of Divinity. Beyond that, he was a co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live for two years, as well as a co-host with Dr. Stephanie Murphy on the popular Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network show Sex & Science Hour, and has made numerous appearances on other podcasts and radio shows. He’s also a public speaker at various liberty, anarchist, Bitcoin, and tech events throughout the world. Brian also fancies himself a historian, gamer, and tech journalist (in that order), and is a supporter of the Center for Global Nonkilling. Born in 1981 in New York, Brian is ethnically Jewish, and converted to Christianity for a time, but is now a freethinker and anarchist. He is presently a denizen in the United States in the State of New Hampshire as a participant of the Free State Project.

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