We the Individuals — with Walter Block With Chris Calton and Will Tippens

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  • Michael Magan

    Sell Liberty like Don Draper Discussion

    Kick off the discussion in Joseph Diedrich’s upcoming guide, Sell Liberty Like Don Draper! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Guide_sell-liberty-like-don-draper.

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  • Frank Maruschak

    Knowing what Libritarian means

    If one individual doesn’t have a manifesto, constitution or some form of documentation showing his/her views on what “Liberty” means to that individual, how does another individual, group of individuals, or community know how to treat this individual without “violating” his/her “Liberties”  Are any of you willing to “assume” that everyone has not only the same definition for Libertarian, but also the same meaning for that definition?

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  • J.S. Diedrich

    Refreshment for the Mind

      My new guide, Find Liberty in Unexpected Places, is out now for all Liberty.me members. Please download and enjoy. Every aspect of this guide is intended to be positive. I looked for ways to see liberty all around us — from chocolate bars to martini bars. It was a joy to write and I hope it’s fun to read and think about for you as well. And now I’m curious — where do you find liberty in an unexpected place?

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  • Account deleted

    Being highly effective

    http://fee.org/freeman/detail/7-habits-of-highly-effective-libertarians http://christophercantwell.com/2015/05/03/5-habits-of-highly-effective-radicals/ Discuss, compare, contrast.

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  • Jack Wahlquist

    Preventing New States After Societal Fall?

    It’s a gamble: can the anarchist movement reach enough people fast enough that we can form strong pockets of anarchy unshakeable by future statism? I’m talking about in our lifetimes, right now. I’m a member of the FSP, and will be living as much of an anarchist life as possible within that economy. As more places trend towards anarchy due to a high population of liberty-minded people living there, how can we ensure these communities are protected from statism?   I refuse to repeat history, but I am only one individual. Utilizing our internet connections to form greater influence in our real lives, I know we can have at least a few pockets of anarchy even as the rest of the world devolves into another state.

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Join the great individualists with special guest Walter Block to talk about how to answer objections to Austrian Economics.

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