Why and How 9/11 Changed Everything with Jeffrey Tucker With Jeffrey Tucker

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  • Jeffrey Tucker

    The Ghastly Mess in Iraq

    In Iraq, twenty-five years of carnage, suffering, horror, privation, devastation, and we see the results today. After all, it was 1990 when the U.S. government decided it could improve Iraq by bombing the country, followed by a decades of crushing sanctions. But it wasn’t enough so the U.S. overthrew the government and installed a puppet regime. Here we are a quarter century later from the beginnings of war, and every bit of anything the U.S. ever claimed to achieve is gone, as the country is ripped in every direction by civil war and the U.S. installed regime looks to be a goner. And what now? The only thing that everyone seems to really really hate is the U.S. and anyone who was rewarded for their cooperation. I don’t see any real way for Obama to do anything here at all. But it is hard to imagine that the U.S. would just sit by and let whatever happens just happen. What’s next?

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  • Reagan Rothbard

    Ukraine and Foreign Policy

    How do you think a non-aggressionist should think about what is happening in the Ukraine?

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  • Anonymous

    The Drone Papers

    The Drone Papers The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the inner workings of the U.S. military’s assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The documents, provided by a whistleblower, offer an unprecedented glimpse into Obama’s drone wars.

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  • Antiwar.com

    #AntiwarHaiku peace contest,

    Hey All, We will be having an #AntiwarHaiku contest this holiday season to show our support for peace and Antiwar.com. We will announce the full details and prizes on Monday the 16th and the contest will run until the 16th of December. An email address will be used for official entry but simply use the hashtag #AntiwarHaiku to have your entry seen and shared on twitter. Look for the full details on BitcoinNotBombs.com on Monday. Peace! ~Drew

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  • Antiwar.com

    Antiwar memes and Instagram

    Hi Everyone, Antiwar.com has joined instagram and would like to encourage more pro peace memes. If you are a meme maker for peace and have some cool images to share, please post them here and we can add it to our photo stream. If your on instagram please show some love and follow along. ~Drew https://instagram.com/antiwarcom/

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September 11th was a shock. Much like the Kennedy assassination, those who were old enough will always remember where they were when they heard. It also marked the moment when the Bush administration shifted from its 2000 campaign stance of non-interventionism into a war fever that has only recently begun to break. It marked a move toward the surveillance state, wild government spending, and a climate of fear among Americans. How should liberty lovers approach the memory and aftermath of 9/11? Join Jeffrey Tucker for this solemn anniversary at 9pm EDT on September 11th.

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