Why the North Should Have Seceded From the South: The Political Economy of Slavery With Jeffrey Hummel

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  •  Bruce Koerber

    Secession Is Subsidiarity.

    Balance and harmony and reciprocity are all part of the natural order. Subsidiarity is the reciprocal of federation and both are necessary. The rising cry for secession is really just the equilibrium forces at work as things are being moved towards balance and harmony.

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  •  Warren Joeckel

    Block Size Limit Debate

    I’ve been following a lot of the commentary pertaining to the bitcoin blockchain block size limit.  Many acknowledge that Satoshi introduced the 1 MB block size as a spam control measure, yet they all argue about replacing the 1 MB limit with another limit (or means of automatically adjusting the limit).  It finally occurred to me that if the limit is meant for spam control, and the limit is problematic, we need a new spam control mechanism rather than a new limit.  Can anyone suggest an alternative to block size limits?  What if mining fees increased exponentially with transaction size (data size in bytes, not value)?  Feel free to include related thoughts, e.g. tenor of the debate, etc.

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  •  Bruce Koerber

    Secession And Emigration Protect Liberties.

    The two great protectors of classical liberalism societies are greatly diminished in these, the Dark Ages of economics! They are: Secession and Emigration! Compounding the emigration problem is the lack of a universal auxiliary language. If everyone in the world learned their native tongue and one universal language adopted around the world as the universal auxiliary language then you or I could move to Spain, or China, or Brazil, let’s say, and function normally. This will be one of the very early transformations in human relationships once we leave the Dark Ages of economics and enter into the enlightened period of classical liberalism societies.

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  •  Bruce Koerber

    Is This A Pivotal Time To 'Change' Away From Socialism?

    This is a pivotal time since socialism is what the power elite want – with them as the controlling class – yet the irrationality of socialism and its arbitrariness, and its lack of an ethical foundation keeps becoming more and more evident. The ego-driven interventionists are beginning to lose their grip! What we need are multiple examples of secession and a successful and unfolding practice of classical liberalism.

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Could slavery have survived in a separate South, or would the increased ease of reaching freedom have destroyed slavery in the fragile Southern states? Could secession have been a lifesaver, and where might we be today if that path had been taken? Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, a widely-cited expert on the Civil War, discusses the the political economy of slavery, and why it’s a shame the North didn’t secede from the South. Hummel’s erudition on this topic is legendary, and the new edition of his book Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men is not to be missed. Join Jeffrey Friday, November 21st at 7:30pm ET, and bring your questions!

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