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The Culture & Anarchy Podcast brings you the best in freethinking criticism on contemporary issues, libertarianism, Austrian Economics, anarchocapitalism, religion, atheism, and literature. No issue is off limits. No topic is too profane. Prepare yourself for perfection: “The best that has been thought and said.”


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Meet the hosts

Morgan A. Brown is the producer of The Culture & Anarchy Podcast and a former collegiate professor of English. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia (B.A.) and Georgia State University (M.A.), where he specialized in Restoration and 18th Century Literature in America and England. Morgan has been studying Austrian Economics and American literature since his late teens, and he writes poetry and critical essays on a number of subjects: libertarianism, economics, religion, atheism, epistemology, philosophy, and literary theory. He currently edits a quarterly literary journal for libertarian poets and critics, THE DIAL, which is featured at Culture & Anarchy. He is also the author of two books: A Rationalist Critique of Deconstruction: Demystifying Poststructuralism and Derrida's Science of the "Non" & The Spirit of Market Anarchy: A Critique of New Atheism's Secular Statism. Morgan currently lives with his wife and two sons in Dallas, GA.