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  • Writing for Forbes, Bryan Rich, claims the economy is better than you think and credits the central bank. “The Fed has manufactured a recovery by promoting stability, writes Rich.  “And they’ve relied on two ke [Read story]
    • Good article.
      I am amazed that the moral side of this story get so little airplay, income and resources stolen from people who have saved to support themselves as well as the creation of a generation of people who have never saved.
      I can see that from the government’s perspective the more that are dependent on its handouts the better but even financial analysts and economists who are starting to question the efficacy of the Keynesian program still don’t focus on the destructive social impact that this grand experiment is having.

    • The NRL Grand Final 2019 Live Free is the conclusive and premiership-deciding game of the 2019 National Rugby League season and was played on Sunday September 30 at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium.[1] The match was contested between minor premiers the Sydney Roosters and defending premiers the Melbourne Storm. In front of a crowd of 82,688, Sydney won the match 21–6 to claim their 14th premiership title and their first since 2013. Roosters five-eighth Luke Keary was awarded the Clive Churchill Medal as the game’s official man of the match.

    • The Rugby World Cup Live Online in Japan is fast approaching and head coaches have an ever-closing window of time to pick their final squads for the tournament.

  • Earl Zarbin published a new article, Capitalism, on the site dailyrhyme 17 hours, 45 minutes ago

    I think I am a corporation, Good products produce, For company owners, High earnings induce. — I think I am a corporation, Do not pretend to change, Morals and ethics maintain, The sole way to engage.
  • I’ve walked and biked hundreds (heck, maybe thousands by now — I got my “500 Mile Club” t-shirt a long time ago) of miles to raise money for charity using the Charity Miles phone app. Every time I log a walk or [Read story]
  • Today’s guest is Alain Bertaud, author of Order Without Design: How Markets Shape Cities. Alain discusses his extensive experience in urban planning: When he was first trained as a planner, urban planning was t [Read story]
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    I think I am the American flag, Freedom its meaning, To which communism, Has not been leaning.
  • The protests in Hong Kong reveal both the people’s deep hunger for liberty and the tendency of the Chinese government to brutally stamp out dissent. The 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre saw 10,000 protestors k [Read story]
  • Here’s what left-libertarians have in store for you.

    [Read more]

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    I think I am a test, For experiment short, Making it easier, To more timely abort.
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    Welcome to Shisha 101! This short blog is where you will learn the basics of that tobacco that you smoke, probably without second guessing any of the risks. Knowledge is power and knowing the fundamentals of [Read story]
  • Provexum And normally such aches damage. When a woman begins to moan, you should no longer expand the p.C., as this groan suggests that she is enjoying what you are doing. It commonly occurs that men start asking stupid questions which have the same solutions. The missionary role consists of 2 varieties. The first kind is the “girlish pl…[Read more]

  • WHAT I CAN’T DISCUSS TOO MUCH Because of the general nature of this article on Natural Monopoly I cannot very deeply discuss certain topics which deserve their own book.  “How I FOUND Freedom in an UNfree W [Read story]
  • Hi, here is a Reset Application of my work, where I weave a selection of an index of articles (attached) AS IF a palette to paint and expand on HOW I Found Freedom in An UnFree World standing on shoulders of [Read story]
    • Something to mull over. I got a head’s up from an attendee and someone who was in Philly back in the time. Gatherings of large groups of people (61,000 was the last count at BM) are objects of infiltration and Special Security…and that LEO’s disarm the women, which RESULTS in Victim Disarmenment!!! 

      Lot’s of RAPES at these events that could have been averted!!! 

      What kind of mind wants a return to mean streets and ever-soaring crime rates? How does Uber/Lyft address this?

      Make no mistake: victim disarmament types are sick people, in the words of T.D. Melrose, who’d rather see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose than see her with a gun in her hand.


      Nuances and Contours…

      Don’t hang out with lets play nice girls with pasties in boots and their pet security guards if they got Victim Disarmenment lovin and ANTI-NAP, Non Aggression Principle between their ears…as evidenced at Burning Man, that parks itself on BLM land…

      Ah the come on over and party, we got Rules…

      MISS the warning signs and one risks falling prey to a swarm of Authoritarian non-sequiters delivered using a technology enhanced and amplified propaganda spider’s web that lives off Victim Disarmenment and those who believe the programming: they voluntarily need to rule or be ruled especially when on the way to, or from partying!

      ~Don’t fall for it. Dont go to the airport, dont go to burning man…

      As admirable as it is, “Note however, that attendance is voluntary. If I go to their party, I expect to abide by their rules.” **that does not remove the respective slave/master mentality/attitude from between their ears.*** 

      Its foolhardy to play the government game by government rules–and expect to win…

      If you are AFRAID of making your own judgement about products, shop at the government approved places–the US unique form of voluntary fascism–where you are protected from yourself as a ward of the corporatist state and/or as a kapo…

      Perhaps the snookerers figure that if individuals are willing to voluntarily *Betray* Themselves anyway, it’s not much different for governments and corporatist institutions to *betray* them as well. 




      Am, I free to leave once I am approached at the entrance of Burning the man whilst on Bureau Mgtment Land? Hmm the fallacy of the stolen concept…

      Freedom to Associate with LEO’S and wannabes, NOT Freedom to Secede, (walk away)…not Freedom to Defend oneself…not Freedom from Search and Seizure…

      BOTTOM or TOP Line:
      IF I’m not Trading with Voluntary Subscribers of Political Bare Minimums predicated on Non Aggression Principle (NO IFs or buts) then I am Demanding equal Effects from UNEQUAL causes by turning up to the airport/airlines/Burning “the” Man on BLM terms and expecting Extensions and Adjuncts of such to provide me and others “Safe”  “Protected” Travel and Sojourn… 

      What *IS* The Bare Minimum…?
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      Hopefully Dear Reader EXTEND your life as long as possible by seeing the FACTS, and nuances and contours designed to snooker the respectable folks. Then doing something about it. As best as you can.

      I have more respect for Greyball: Uber’s Super Cool App to Subvert **Associating** with Trolls and their uniformed and undercover LEO entrappments…from the GET GO…


      Uber peacefully removes the “Sanction of the Victim” when San Francisco **Puts an End** to Uber’s Fleet of Self-Driving Cars – Foundation for Economic Education – **ACTUALLY** Working for a free and prosperous world

      While data is still being collected, there has already been evidence suggesting that Austin’s DUI rates have SPIKED in the wake of Uber and Lyft’s absence. However, Austin has done little to make its regulations friendlier to innovation, and thus NEITHER Uber nor Lyft HAS RETURNED to the area. 

      Does Uber or Lyft search it’s DUI party goers? To ask the question is to begin to wake up and observe facts! What? To have one’s back turned on a DUI party reveller? To risk being hijacked? To risk that they are armed? Will a pastied girl in boots working for Uber/Lyft demand that I be searched and disarmed?

      More specifically they don’t because they would be violating the Non-Aggression Principle, that is why!!


      For $2.8 million tab from the State Protectors, One wonders why the folks at BM don’t research Uber or 

      Private Protection Co. Puts Govt. Police to Shame



      Delta Paid for Its Own Security Upgrade and Fixed Everything (still buyer beware)



      Privatized city in Gurgaon, India
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      Link to this page:

      Indeed Buyer beware…

      If you don’t think there is a problem NO reason to SEEK a Solution and remove your “Sanction of the victim”. – Ayn Rand. So now you see the problem and you are OVERWHELMED? But those who fall for the red herring that it’s ok its voluntary, it’s ok its their rules, do NOT see the problem. They won’t be able to provide or suggest SOLUTIONS…

      Why can’t the BM organizers have the Rules they want?  Because they violate the Non-Aggression Principle, that is why!!

      Is it possible to create an environ to catalyze alternative peaceful routes to avoid Political Conflict Authoritarian Tar Baby https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tar-Baby enclaves, INSTEAD of jumping into them voluntarily and playing by their rules? 

      Indeed Dear Reader there are alternatives presented galore here at Liberty.me by Jeffrey Tucker, Bretigne Shaffer, etc etc

      Xref: http://connect.liberty.me/false-flag-mass-migration-madness/

  • Who is your favorite guru:
    your favorite financial guru, your favorite life coach guru?

    Something makes them an attractive character to you.

  • Elected Libertarian Jeff Hewitt teaches Matt Kibbe how people like him can succeed in local politics through a combination of hard work and smart messaging. Instead of always shooting for the presidency, [Read story]
  • The Siege at Ruby Ridge is often considered a pivotal date in American history. The shootout between Randy Weaver and his family and federal agents on August 21, 1992, is one that kicked off the [Read story]
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