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Newest podcasts

The Joey Clark Radio Hour – China’s Social Credit Scores, Bitcoin’s Threat, And Petty US Politics

with Joey Clark

China's Social Credit Scores, Bitcoin's Threat, And Petty US Politics [Read More]

The Ancap Barber Shop – Hot Mother’s Day Cast

with AnCap Barber

Hey Everybody, the long-awaited episode fifty-nine is here! In this one, we talk about voting in Alabama by location, Julian Assange, Brody Dalle from the distillers and Bama boi Charles Barkley. We started off talking about how hawt and sexy Brody Dalle from the Distillers is (and was when I was 14), most of it got cut though because we were listening to music in the background. For some reason, we thought it would be OK if we talked over it but [Read More]

Proven & Probable – BHP Joins Forces with Prospect Generator to Explore Mexican Copper Project

with Maurice Jackson

Where we deliver Mining Insights & Bullion Sales, in form of physical delivery, offshore depositories, and private blockchain distributed ledger technology you may reach us at [email protected] Watch the video and visit our website for more details For more info on Riverside Resources visit: Please share this video: In this exclusive interview, Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable sits down with Dr. John-Mark Staude the President and CEO of Riverside Resources Metals (TSX.V: RRI | OTCQB: RVSDF) [Read More]

Kinsella On Liberty – Did You Know Crypto Podcast, Ep. 36: Bitcoin Patent Trolling

with Stephan Kinsella

This is my appearance in Episode 36 of the Did You Know Crypto Podcast, with host Dustin. We talked “about the possibility of using patents as an attack vector on Bitcoin.” As Dustin summarized in his show notes: Stephan and I talk about… What is a Patent? Differences in EU/US & China Why is it so “hallowed” Open Source Software and patents What is a “Patent Troll” Craig Wright’s patents Can Bitcoin developers be sued? [Read More]

One Free Family – Going deeper on self directed learning: Offering support without creating dependency

with Rodger Paxton

Taylor and James return to go deeper on their favorite topic: self-directed learning! In this episode, they discuss some of the finer nuances of helping a child to become more self-directed. They talk about how to support your kids without making them totally dependent on you, encouraging them in their pursuits without taking over and making space for a path to learning that might not be exactly what we envision. This is a great episode for parents of all approaches [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – Indebted Students Have Themselves to Blame

with Brien Lundin

Bob Zadek has no sympathy for college students with mountains of debt. In his new book, the lawyer, lecturer, lender, and libertarian radio host makes the case against modern universities. He contends college is a useful investment only if one learns a marketable trade, and that the rest of society shouldn’t bear the cost of poor career choices. However, the prevailing bias for college degrees is so strong and widespread, he doesn’t see an end to the bubble just yet. [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Harry Kazianis on the North Korean Talks

with Scott Horton

Harry Kazianis discusses the negotiations between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States. Kazianis says that although North Korea has some nuclear weapon capability, they’re not a real threat to America, because the moment they launched a missile they would be wiped off the map in minutes. Their economy is also so small that they pose no possible economic threat. He says the very best thing for everyone involved—especially the North Korean people—is to try to reach a peace [Read More]

The Anarcho Christian Podcast – Statism

with Rodger Paxton

R.C. Sproul and Francis Schaeffer were popular Christian authors, but did you know they both made statements about Statism? Let’s get into a message that both men thought very important, but isn’t very popular from the pulpit today. Statism by RC Sproul: RC Sproul books mentioned: Renewing Your Mind – What is Reformed Theology – The Holiness of God – Francis Schaeffer books mentioned: A Christian Manifesto – The God Who Is There – How Should We Then Live? [Read More]

Dash Force 3 Amigos Podcast – Feat. Jacob Ballou – Consensus 2019, Crypto Gossip & VegaWallet Announcement

with Joël Valenzuela, Brian FreeMan (Mastermined), Mark Mason

Episode 104 of the Dash News podcast. This weeks special guest was Jacob Ballou Co-Founder / Creative Officer of VegaWallet. [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Endgame Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness Colorado students walking out of a school shooting vigil, the Chicago Cubs banning a fan over a "racist" hand gesture. Justin also finally reviews Avengers: Endgame. [Read More]

The Joey Clark Radio Hour – Alabama Speaks On Abortion, But This Is Only The Beginning Of The Story

with Joey Clark

Alabama Speaks On Abortion, But This Is Only The Beginning Of The Story [Read More]

The LAVA Flow – Tulsi Gabbard is a Socialist

with Rodger Paxton

Tulsi Gabbard is a socialist, and no libertarian would support her, so stop inviting me to events for her. What's in the News with stories on drug war good news times two, bad boys times two, and heroes times two. Finally, an Ask Me Anything where I answer your questions on prostitution decriminalization, voluntarily funded public schools, what podcasts I listen to, Game of Thrones predictions, and eating endangered species. This episode is brought to you by Health Excellence Plus, [Read More]

The Jason Stapleton Program – A Vulgar Bumper Sticker, a Criminal Bartender, and a Drunken Murderer

with Jason Stapleton

Little shorter episode today. I want to know what you guys think about the two stories we discussed. Is there a clear line indicating when someone has harmed someone else? At first blush, both stories seemed pretty cut and dry. But as we dug into the details, we found a little more nuance than we initially expected. What do you think? Jason [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Steven Woskow on the Battle over BDS

with Scott Horton

Scott talks to Steven Woskow about recent anti-BDS legislation at both the state and federal level. The issue has been going back and forth in the courts because on the one hand, a boycott is just an expression of personal first amendment freedoms, but on the other, it could be argued that it constitutes discrimination against a religious group. Scott and Woskow, however, agree that the religious discrimination argument is totally illegitimate because this is a political and human rights [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Paul Puey of Edge

with Tatiana Moroz

Tatiana and Josh had a great conversation with Paul Puey, founder of Edge Wallet and veteran crypto entrepreneur. His experience and insight is blazing trails in the industry. We talked about Edge and looked forward to all the exciting things happening this week, including our event Crypto Stars event Saturday night. He said he will be there primarily to enjoy all the great music and comedy, but will be sporting his Edge shirt and will be happy to answer any [Read More]

Economics Detective Radio – Elinor Ostrom, Polycentric Governance, and Policing with Vlad Tarko

with Garrett Petersen

Today’s guest is Vlad Tarko of Dickinson College. We discuss the life and work of Elinor Ostrom, the 2009 winner of the Nobel Prize in economics. Vlad is the author of Elinor Ostrom: An intellectual biography. We discuss Elinor Ostrom’s work on polycentric governance, the management of common-pool resources, and policing. We also discuss the continuing work scholars are doing in this research area, including Vlad’s new book Public Governance and the Classical-Liberal Perspective: Political Economy Foundations co-authored with Paul [Read More]

Proven & Probable – David Morgan Energy, Stocks, and Profits

with Maurice Jackson

Where we deliver Mining Insights & Bullion Sales, in form of physical delivery, offshore depositories, and private blockchain distributed ledger technology you may reach us at [email protected] Watch the video and visit our website for more details For more info on David Morgan visit: Please share this video: Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable sits down with David Morgan the founder of the Morgan Report and Energy Stock Profits to discuss the merits of having an portfolio [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – Peter Schiff: The Fed Cannot Save Us

with Brien Lundin

Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, believes the Fed’s recent moves indicate a recession is around the corner, already overdue. This time it will be off the charts, more severe than ever before for the United States. In recent decades, the Fed’s modus operandi has been to re-inflate popping bubbles, thus making them larger than before and delaying the correction. However, with rates already at zero in real terms, the Fed has nowhere to go but up. Yet the [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Ken Silverstein on Trump’s Crimes in Venezuela

with Scott Horton

Scott talks to Ken Silverstein about what’s really going on in Venezuela. The mainstream media will tell you that the country is starving and in chaos, but Silverstein has been there himself and says that most people actually have food and support Maduro more than the opposition. The negative coverage, says Silverstein, is an attempt to build support for a U.S.-backed coup, which he thinks is unlikely to actually ever succeed. Discussed on the show: “Why a Coup Is Unlikely [Read More]

One Free Family – A mailbag! Explaining our choices to our kids without seeming judgmental, and supporting kids that don’t conform to gender stereotypes

with Rodger Paxton

James and Taylor are back, this time to answer your questions! Today we have two excellent questions from our One Free Family Facebook group. First, Taylor and James discuss how they go about explaining their life choices to their kids without seeming judgmental of everyone else’s choices. How do they discuss their decision to homeschool with their kids? Then they go on to answer a listener question about what to do when other family members won’t support their daughter’s “non-girly” [Read More]

Dash Force 3 Amigos Podcast – Feat. Benjamin Nitschke, CEO of DeltaEngine, Creator of

with Joël Valenzuela, Brian FreeMan (Mastermined), Mark Mason

Feat. Benjamin Nitschke, CEO of DeltaEngine, Creator of [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Movie Madness Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness Endgame spoilers, the backlash to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and Zac Efron saying white privilege enabled Ted Bundy. Justin also reviews Longshot. [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Ro Khanna on ending the War in Yemen

with Scott Horton

Scott talks to Congressman Ro Khanna about the bipartisan efforts in congress to end the war in Yemen. Despite a lack of popular awareness of this issue, explains Khanna, the humanitarian disaster in Yemen is horrific, and the U.S. should end its support for the Saudis immediately. He says that President Trump’s good instincts on getting out of pointless wars have not carried through into sound policy, probably because the cabinet and the national security state actually control his foreign [Read More]

The Jason Stapleton Program – The Benefits of Collective Bargaining

with Jason Stapleton

If you listen to the show regularly you know I'm not a fan of unions. But I am a huge advocate for collective bargaining. While unions tend to hurt both productivity and work ethic, collective bargaining is a necessary part of a free market. Today we discuss the specifics as well as some other cool stuff. :) Jason [Read More]

The LAVA Flow – Cancer Sucks, PorcFest Rocks

with Rodger Paxton

This week, I give you guys an update on the craziness that has been my life lately, including health issues and PorcFest 2019. What's in the News with stories on Air Force in debt, Julian Assange sentenced, legal kidnapping, Boy Scouts abuse, banning Styrofoam, and big brother. Also, and Ancap Apps segment on Health Excellence Plus, a free-market style health share that saved me thousands of dollars. This episode is brought to you by Health Excellence Plus, a health share [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Ryan Singer of Chia Network

with Tatiana Moroz

Josh and I had a handful of guests our show, highlighted by our conversation with Ryan.  First we sat down with comedian Mike Salvi, who has been instrumental in helping us put together our amazing event coming up next weekend.  He takes a couple swipes at my Jersey roots, being from Philly and all, but it is all in good fun. We can’t wait to hear him and his crew from Haha for Hire perform, it is going to be [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Robert Gaines on Achieving Peace in Afghanistan

with Scott Horton

Robert Gaines, an Afghan war combat veteran and co-author with Scott of a few recent articles for and The National Interest, discusses America’s continuing war in Afghanistan and the possible reasons for hope, as peace talks there are advancing further than they ever have. Scott and Gaines agree that it would probably make the most sense not to try to have a single state at all. If the various tribes and ethnic groups were allowed to govern their own [Read More]

The Freedom Report – Gun Rights and Dead Children

with Austin Petersen

Moms Demand Action for Gun Control chief Shannon Watts took aim at the National Rifle Association using bogus claims about the number of kids who die from gun deaths. Austin Petersen, host of the Freedom Report podcast responded on twitter, arguing that there is no tragedy, no matter how great, that justifies taking away the rights of innocent people. It went over about as well as you might expect. Also, the end of the podcast is a more personal discussion [Read More]

The Anarcho Christian Podcast – What If

with Rodger Paxton

The “What If” speech was delivered by Ron Paul, 10 years ago. Join me as we dissect the what ifs, and rediscover a monumental message. Washington’s Farewell address: Jefferson’s Inaugural address: US regime Change: Abu Ghraib: The Giuliani Moment: The Economics of War, by Murray Rothbard: Loss of liberty, post 9/11: War is a racket, and Smedley Butler: Never Let a good Crisrtis go to waste: Operation Northwoods: The Gulf [Read More]

Dash Force 3 Amigos Podcast – Feat. Demelza Hays Cryptocurrency Asset Management Research Analyst

with Joël Valenzuela, Brian FreeMan (Mastermined), Mark Mason

Feat. Demelza Hays Cryptocurrency Asset Management Research Analyst [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Vegan Climate Change Restaurant Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness the intersection of environmentalism, climate change, and restaurants. Justin also reviews Chocolat due to numerous listener requests. [Read More]

The Joey Clark Radio Hour – Mueller Report, God Experiences, Psychedelics, And Love Games

with Joey Clark

AG William Barr testifies in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Study on God and Psychedelic experiences, and the different approaches men take to finding a woman. [Read More]

The Jason Stapleton Program – Guns, Games, And a Country As Disconnected As Ever

with Jason Stapleton

There's been another shooting. More innocent people dead. More fuel for the next gunman to use in his efforts to resolve his mental and emotional anguish. What is causing this continued and escalating violence? Today we discuss; and I have to say, it's one of the best discussions you're going to hear on the subject. Jason [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Daniel Lazare on Julian Assange and Guccifer 2.0

with Scott Horton

Daniel Lazare discusses the hacking of the DNC email server, which is in the news yet again because of the recent indictment against Julian Assange. Lazare points out why many of the allegations against Assange don’t make any sense, among which is the claim that he worked with supposed Russian agent Guccifer 2.0 to obtain and leak the stolen emails—but this claim is supported by an announcement from Wikileaks that happened before the alleged contact with Guccifer. The full report [Read More]

Essential Libertarianism – Meeting the State Head-On

with Rodger Paxton

Meeting the State Head-On by Anonymous [Read More]

Proven & Probable – Alaska Project Receives Strategic Investment

with Maurice Jackson

Where we deliver Mining Insights & Bullion Sales, in form of physical delivery, offshore depositories, and private blockchain distributed ledger technology you may reach us at [email protected] Watch the video and visit our website for more details For more info on Millrock Resources visit: Please share this video: Find out why the value proposition for Millrock Resources just got more exciting for shareholders. Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable sits down with Gregory Beischer the President, CEO, [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Peter Todd

with Tatiana Moroz

Peter Todd is a man known throughout the crypto community, and yet, barely has a bio listed about himself. He has been interviewed hundreds of times, so I wanted to take a different approach.  I have always known Peter socially, but while I recognize his technical contributions, I have to say our conversation around abortion, immigration, and other such controversial topics kept me pretty entertained during our in depth interview at Tone Vays’ Unconfiscatable event!  I can’t say his views [Read More]

The LAVA Flow – 85,000 Bad Boys

with Rodger Paxton

More than 85,000 cops have been investigated or disciplined for misconduct over the past decade. And that is just the beginning. Get all of the details in this episode. What's in the News with stories on Social Security in trouble, collateral damage, bad boys times three, and a jailed hero update. And, an Ask Me Anything segment where I answer your burning questions on homesteading abandoned property, property taken through coercion, reparations for the military draft, best books for liberty, [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Phil Giraldi on the Tireless Russiagate Truthers

with Scott Horton

Phil Giraldi makes the case that the Russiagate investigation was not simply a good faith effort to ensure then-candidate Trump was not an agent of the Russian government, but a legitimate plot to ruin his chances at the presidency by insiders connected to the Clinton campaign who hoped to benefit from her victory. The hatred of Trump is so strong that many democrats still believe him to be guilty despite the Mueller report’s conclusion to the contrary, not to mention [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – The Antidote to Crypto Scams

with Fergus Hodgson

The sheer size and valuation of the cryptocurrency market makes it a fertile ground for bad actors. That is why crypto enthusiast Catalina Castro‘s main advice is to learn the fundamentals. An educational entrepreneur based in Argentina, she helps Spanish-speaking newcomers navigate this complex world. Make sure you understand what the blockchain is and is not, what it is useful for, and be careful with initial coin offerings, she warns. [Read More]

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