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Newest podcasts

Welcome To The Midside – The Black Friday Backlash Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness controversial food takes, rising death rates among white Americans, and the backlash against Black Friday. Justin also reviews Jojo Rabbit. [Read More]

Wealth, Power & Influence with Jason Stapleton – Election 2020: Good Marketing vs Bad Marketing

with Jason Stapleton

The Democratic field has some messaging problems and that includes Mayor Bloomberg who just entered the race. You would think they would have hired better PR people who understood the basics of influence and persuasion.  The good news is, you'll understand it after today's show. Jason [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Mark Perry on The Real Reason The Navy Stood Up To Trump

with Scott Horton

Mark Perry discusses what he calls “the biggest breakdown in civil-military relations since Vietnam”: the controversy over the war crimes trial of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher. By refusing to allow the Navy to discipline Gallagher in the way they intended, Trump has essentially intervened in the military justice process as, Perry thinks, a move to curry favor with his base. Perry is adamant that we really do have a problem with special forces that run around the world without accountability, [Read More]

audio-video 185459

with Kara Pally

[Read More]

Proven & Probable – Project Generator Expands Property Bank in Ontario

with Maurice Jackson

Where we deliver Mining Insights & Bullion Sales. I’m a licensed broker for Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments. Where we provide unlimited options to expand your precious metals portfolio, from physical deliver, offshore depositories, precious metals IRA’s, and private blockchain distributed ledger technology. Call me directly at (855) 505-1900 or you may email [email protected] Proven and Probable provides insights on mining companies, junior miners, gold mining stocks, uranium, silver, platinum, zinc & copper mining stocks, silver and gold bullion in [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Amber Scott

with Tatiana Moroz

Can Bitcoin self-regulate or does it require government regulation? On this episode of #TheTatianaShow, we explore this question and more with Amber Scott, a friend from the Baltic Honey Badger Conference. Amber is the founder, CEO, and Chief Anti-Money Laundering Ninja for Outlier Solutions. They are a Canadian consulting firm focusing on developing compliance solutions for clients such as banks, dealers in virtual currencies, and credit unions. Their areas of expertise include Canadian anti-money laundering, counter terrorist financing, privacy, and [Read More]

The LAVA Flow – Wasteful Spending 2019

with Rodger Paxton

We know the government wastes money, but what was some of the most ridiculous wasted spending this year? Whaat's in the News with stories on murder by cop, cops brag about legal hemp bust, three death row men exonerated, state won't test DNA for dead death row inmate, proposed law will stop kids from defending themselves with guns, and a man charged with theft for taking cops GPS tracker off his car. And, an Ask Me Anything where I answer [Read More]

Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast – How John McAfee Builds Freedom

with Ashe Whitener

Most ppl will know John from the antivirus company he founded “McAfee Associates, Inc”, but more recently for his involvement in cryptocurrencies. His no-bullshit approach to speaking truth about the government’s desire to control us and how regulations and taxation are preventing a truly free society. Mr. McAfee and I discuss his early entrepreneurial experiences, compare them to formal education and why blockchain and cryptocurrencies helps create freedom by breaking the chains of fiat money. [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – Make the Fed Have One Job Again

with Maurice Jackson

A lot of dysfunctions within America’s economy can be traced back to the Federal Reserve’s heavy hand in setting interest rates and tweaking the money supply. Danielle Dimartino Booth, CEO of Quill Intelligence and former advisor to the Dallas Fed, believes the US central bank lost its way in the 1970s when Congress tasked it with ensuring both maximum employment and price stability. Instead, she argues the Federal Reserve should have a single goal—keep inflation low—and must allow the business [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Jeb Sprague on the Latest Latin American Deep State Coup

with Scott Horton

Scott interviews Jeb Sprague about his work studying U.S.-backed coups in Latin America, particularly the current one in Bolivia. Support for democracy and the rule of law is one thing, say Scott and Sprague, but it is quite another to demand that the military rush in to upend the normal political process, which is essentially what is happening now. Sprague advocates letting countries sort out their own political affairs, even when it leads to results that aren’t precisely what the [Read More]

The Ancap Barber Shop – The ATF Part 2, Electric Boogaloo

with AnCap Barber

Hey Everyone, in this episode we talk comedian Shane Gillis being fired from SNL and the ATF’s involvement in the Siege at Waco, TX. This episode begins now! What up! Sorry, it’s been a minute, etc. so on and so forth. [Read More]

Dash News Podcast – Feat. Kodaxx Dash Investment Foundation Supervisor

with Joël Valenzuela, Brian FreeMan (Mastermined), Mark Mason

Feat. Kodaxx Dash Investment Foundation Supervisor [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Cuck Truck Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness Tesla's new truck, getting a vasectomy because of climate change, and what Attorney General Barr said about Epstein's suicide. Justin also reviews Ford v Ferrari. [Read More]

You, Me, And BTC – Modern Art Ancient Egyptians

with Daniel Brown

Apparently, Tim hates museums. Fair enough. Some suck. But has he fairly assessed them? What about the cool, unique museums that he's never been to? We'll argue. Also this week, we'll think about the ancient Egyptians and history in general. How the heck can we know what really went down when all we have is a few paragraphs from some drunk guy? What if everything we assume is true turns out to be... false? Tune in! Your hosts this week [Read More]

Wealth, Power & Influence with Jason Stapleton – Profiting In An Age of Inflation & Recession

with Jason Stapleton

Lots of businesses profit in good times. Lots of individuals do too. But the real money is made in recession. Today we discuss how to profit when times are tough. [Read More]

Proven & Probable – This Explorer is Cashed-Up and Getting Ready to Drill for Even More High-Grade Uranium

with Maurice Jackson

Jordan Trimble the President, Director, and CEO of Skyharbour Resources sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss some important topics for shareholders. The first, the uranium spot price and a number of catalysts that should make the near price go higher. Then, we will address project newsflow that will be anticipated throughout the Property Bank, more specifically on the upcoming drill program set to begin in 2020. Proven and Probable provides insights on mining companies, junior [Read More]

Economics Detective Radio – Emissions Cheating, Air Pollution, and Health with Hannes Schwandt

with Garrett Petersen

Today on Economics Detective Radio, I discuss health economics with Hannes Schwandt of Northwestern University. Hannes is the co-author, along with Diane Alexander, of “The Impact of Car Pollution on Infant and Child Health: Evidence from Emissions Cheating.” Car exhaust is a major source of air pollution, but little is known about its impacts on population health. We exploit the dispersion of emissions-cheating diesel cars which secretly polluted up to 150 times as much as gasoline cars across the United [Read More]

Gold Newletter Podcast – Mercenary Geologist: Resource Dependence Erodes US Sovereignty

with Brien Lundin

What would happen if China or Russia cut off the United States from key supplies of aluminum or uranium? This scenario is what keeps Michael Fulp, AKA the Mercenary Geologist, up at night. The experienced explorer, analyst, and consultant believes the United States could fall into dependency from other nations unless she rolls back anti-development regulations. Joining us this week for the Discovery Group interviews is James Paterson, CEO of ValOre Metals, who tells us all about the promising acquisition [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Peter Van Buren on the Lasting Damage of Russiagate

with Scott Horton

Peter Van Buren rehashes some of the details behind the surveillance of the Trump campaign through FISA warrants on Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, which originally opened up the “Russiagate” investigation into Trump. Now the same anti-Trump plot has expanded into the current Ukraine hearings. Van Buren urges us to look beyond the partisan politics of 2019 and think about the effect this kind of conflict could have on the future of American life. Discussed on the show: “Marie Yovanovitch, [Read More]

Kinsella On Liberty – Stephan Kinsella and Bob Murphy Debate Hans Hoppe’s “Argumentation Ethics”

with Manuel Lora

By popular demand, Bob brings Stephan back on the podcast, this time to debate Hans Hoppe’s famous “argumentation ethics” case for libertarianism. Stephan defends Hoppe’s claim that any attempt to justify a NON-libertarian system would result in a performative contradiction, while Bob clarifies the argument and raises concerns about it. [Read More]

The Anarcho Christian Podcast – The Image of God

with Rodger Paxton

What is the Image of God? Michael Bailey joins me to answer that, and dig into how it affects our interactions with others. [Read More]

Dash News Podcast – Feat. Heidi Chakos aka Crypto Tips

with Joël Valenzuela, Brian FreeMan (Mastermined), Mark Mason

Feat. Heidi Chakos aka Crypto Tips [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Ted Snider on the Bolivian Coup America’s Always Wanted

with Scott Horton

Scott interviews Ted Snider about his recent article, “Finally Got Him,” which explores the details behind the coup in Bolivia. Although it’s being held up as a triumph of democracy, Snider says this is obviously a coup, just like recent cases in Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine, and many others. “Democracy”, in fact, pretty much just means whatever political outcome is favorable to the U.S. government. And for some reason, the puppets in the mainstream media are perfectly happy not to question [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – The BitBrum Sessions

with Tatiana Moroz

On a very special episode of The Tatiana Show, Tatiana brings you a 3 part interview series from her recent trip to Birmingham, England for the 2019 BitBrum Conference. Josh returns to the show as he and Tatiana speak with Marcos Rodriguez from Blue Wallet. Blue Wallet is a free and open source project ran and bootstrapped by volunteers and Bitcoin users. Forged from the ashes of the 2017 bull run when wallets were not prepared to handle the high [Read More]

Wealth, & Influence with Jason Stapleton – Worst Ideas of 2019

with Jason Stapleton

One bad idea after another. That's what we've been faced with for the past year. Today I give you a couple of the best worst ones. :) [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Mandalorian Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness censoring of the whistle blower's name, why pollution in Los Angeles can't be mitigated, and Disney+'s trigger warnings. They also review The Mandalorian. [Read More]

The LAVA Flow – Void the State

with Rodger Paxton

How can you remove government influence from your life? Find out in this episode. What's in the News with stories on a politician in the trash, police accessing DNA databases, cop attacks a quadruple amputee, Georgia executes a man without looking at all the evidence, Trump vape ban on hold, Massachusetts vape ban forfeiture, and annoying a cop now illegal. Finally, an Ask Me Anything segment where I answer your questions on the difference in state and government, doing anarchist [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Eric Margolis on the Fall of Communism and the New Cold War

with Scott Horton

Scott talks to Eric Margolis about the history of the Soviet Union and its aftermath, in honor of the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall last week. Margolis reminds us what a mistake the Cold War was, as is the new Cold War that American neocons and neoliberals seem so intent on perpetuating. These people are not the Soviet Communists of yesteryear, and there is no reason we can’t get along with them. In fact, given the arsenal [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – Kevin Williamson: Debt Fundamentally Altering US Economy

with Fergus Hodgson

Whereas some analysts predict the popping of the US debt bubble in an explosive event, Kevin D. Williamson believes the snowballing could go on for a long time. The roving correspondent for National Review believes politicians will keep kicking the can down road, accumulating malinvestment, and sapping the economy. Instead, Americans can expect a combination of less growth, confiscatory taxes, and reduced social benefits. [Read More]

Kinsella On Liberty – AFF Phoenix Debate: Intellectual Property Rights: Yay or Nay?

with Stephan Kinsella

I participated in a debate sponsored by America’s Future Foundation-Phoenix this past Thursday, Nov. 14, against local patent attorney Maria Crimi Speth. This is the audio from my iPhone. Probably inferior. I’ll release better quality media if it becomes available later. [Read More]

Dash News Podcast – Feat. Roel Castaño from Dash Mexico

with Joël Valenzuela, Brian FreeMan (Mastermined), Mark Mason

Feat. Roel Castaño from Dash Mexico [Read More]

Kinsella On Liberty – La Sierra University: Abolish Intellectual Property Law

with Stephan Kinsella

This is my speech delivered for the Troesh Talk, part of the Business Colloquium course, at the Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business at La Sierra University Nov. 12, 2019. I was invited by Associate Dean Gary Chartier, who runs the Colloquium. The audience consisted mainly of business and grad students. [Read More]

The Tim Preuss Podcast – The U.S. Backed Drug Wars

with Tim Preuss

Despite political rhetoric, it has becoming very clear that the U.S. government, under both Republican and Democrat administrations, actively supports drug cartels that are slaughtering thousands of innocent Mexicans in Mexico, as well as poisoning hundreds of thousands of Americans with their deadly drugs. Lip-service is just that, and either politicians are asleep at the wheel, or are falling very short of doing their jobs of overseeing the DEA, CIA, and ICE. Josh Carter rejoins the program for an hour [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Nazi Turtles Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness Nazi turtles, inhalers harming the environment, and the Popeye's chicken sandwich craze. William also reviews See. [Read More]

Wealth, Power & Influence with Jason Stapleton – The Media Doesn’t Want You to Believe It, But Things Are Good & Getting Better

with Jason Stapleton

If you listen to the media--and even many of your friends & family--they'll tell you to "watch out," "be careful," "play it safe," and "don't risk too much." This is because they look at the world as a dangerous place that just keeps getting worse. But that's not true. We live in the greatest time in human history, and things just keep getting better. Change your mindset. Change your life. [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Danny Sjursen on Reclaiming Veterans Day

with Scott Horton

Danny Sjursen advocates for a reclaiming of Veterans Day and a return to the principles of the holiday originally known as Armistice Day. Armistice Day celebrated the end to one of the bloodiest wars in world history, and Sjursen reminds us how eminently worthy of celebration that occasion is. But the modern Veterans Day is not only meaningless and soulless, he says, it also implies that there will always be veterans to celebrate. This attitude helps enable acceptance of America’s [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Matthew Mezinskis of Crypto Voices

with Tatiana Moroz

“Bitcoin is primed to be the new base money in this digital age.” -Matthew Menziskis Cryptocurrency enthusiast Matthew Menziskis joins Tatiana on this episode of The Tatiana Show. He is a co-host of the Crypto Voices podcast which discusses the economy and monetary policy, banking and finance, and Bitcoin. He is an American of Latvian descent who has resided in Eastern Europe since 2006. Matthew consults investors across many different fields from real estate to food and beverage to online [Read More]

Economics Detective Radio – Open Borders with Bryan Caplan and Zach Weinersmith

with Garrett Petersen

Bryan Caplan and Zach Weinersmith both return to the podcast to discuss their new, non-fiction graphic novel, Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration. American policy-makers have long been locked in a heated battle over whether, how many, and what kind of immigrants to allow to live and work in the country. Those in favor of welcoming more immigrants often cite humanitarian reasons, while those in favor of more restrictive laws argue the need to protect native citizens. But [Read More]

Proven & Probable – Global Protests, Gold, Stock Picks – Jayant Bhandari and Maurice Jackson

with Maurice Jackson

Where we deliver Mining Insights & Bullion Sales, in form of physical delivery, offshore depositories, and private blockchain distributed ledger technology you may reach us at [email protected] Proven and Probable provides insights on mining companies, junior miners, gold mining stocks, uranium, silver, platinum, zinc & copper mining stocks, silver and gold bullion in Canada, the US, Australia and beyond. Watch the video and visit our website for more details For more info on Jayant Bhandari visit: Please share [Read More]

The LAVA Flow – Let’s Talk Vaping

with Rodger Paxton

Were the vaping deaths caused by government? Get the latest here. What's in the News with stories on kid given concussion by school administrator, house stolen over 8 bucks, the town with no cops, bad cop re-hired, government killing an innocent man, and a Julian Assange update. Finally, an Ask Me Anything where I answer your questions on the college admissions scandal, the alternate history genre. This episode is brought to you by Health Excellence Plus, a health share that [Read More]

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