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Newest podcasts

Economics Detective Radio – Kidnapping for Ransom with Anja Shortland

with Garrett Petersen

Today’s guest on Economics Detective Radio is Anja Shortland of King’s College London, discussing her new book Kidnap: Inside the Ransom Business, where she brings an economist’s perspective to the shady world of the kidnapping for ransom business and to the professionals who specialize in getting hostages home safely. The book’s description reads as follows: Kidnap for ransom is a lucrative but tricky business. Millions of people live, travel, and work in areas with significant kidnap risks, yet kidnaps of [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Marshall Hayner

with Tatiana Moroz

On my latest episode, I interview an old friend Marshall Hayner of MetalPay. I have known Marshall for ages, so I was very excited to learn about his latest work. I love how he and his team have made an easy way to send and receive money, like PayPal or Venmo but without fees. You are even earning Metal coins every time you use it! Hear more about it on this episode, and thank you to MetalPay for being the [Read More]

The LAVA Flow – State Of Emergency

with Rodger Paxton

Trump declared a state of emergency for his wall. What's the history behind these national emergencies? What's in the News with stories on TSA's new list, profiting from school shootings, murdered by cop, tased in the balls, permitless carry in OK, and US airstrikes on the rise. And, an Ask Me Anything on conspiracy theories, anarchist utopia, and giving up on politics. This episode is brought to you by SmartCash, an easy to use, fast, and secure cryptocurrency that supports everyday [Read More]

The Freedom Report – Amazon Pulls Out of New York and Democrats Pounce

with Austin Petersen

The media has been fixated on Republican responses to ridiculous Democratic behavior, causing one to question whether or not the media is in fact, fake news. Ben Shapiro writes at the Daily Wire about the Republican pouncing problem, and Austin Petersen, host of the Freedom Report podcast dissects the Amazon controversy by pouncing on the Democratic response. [Read More]

The Gold Newsletter Podcast – Dark Financial Clouds Forming in 2019

with Maurice Jackson

Doomsayers have for decades claimed that the collapse of the global financial system is just around the corner, yet here we are in 2019 with a strong US dollar and a ballooning public debt. Chris Martenson, nevertheless, believes several economic trends are coming together this year to build the perfect storm. A researcher in energy and resource depletion with a PhD in pathology from Duke University, he left academia and the corporate world to found Peak Prosperity, a publication that [Read More]

One Free Family – Helping Our Kids Try New Things Without Pressuring Them

with Rodger Paxton

Some kids love it when their parents come around and offer new ideas for activities. They love to go out spontaneously, are happy to drop everything for an impromptu art project, and feel a sense of thrill at trying new things. And then there’s everyone else. In this episode, James and Taylor talk about the strategies they use to expose their kids to new things without causing them to feel pressured. They talk about how to offer up ideas without [Read More]

Dash Force 3 Amigos Podcast – Feat. Fabio plus Joel & Justin live from Liberty Forum

with Joël Valenzuela, Brian FreeMan (Mastermined), Mark Mason

This weeks special guest was Fabio of Lamium and Bitalo. [Read More]

From Apathy to Anarchy – Why I am an Anarchist Part 2

with Caryn Ann Harlos

This is part two from Episode 9, Why I am an anarchist, what that means, and why you should be one too… LINKS: The Incredible Vanishing Minarchist by Bryan Caplan: Important Difference Between the State and Government by C. Jay Engel: A Further Note on Governments and States by C. Jay Engel: Info about Caryn Ann: Please support this podcast by visiting: iTunes review also help!  Please leave one today for a shout-out (unless it is a [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The State of The Midside 2019 Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness The Green New Deal, a District named Dixie, and why guys send dick pics. Justin also reviews Pen15. [Read More]

The Ancap Barber Shop – Ja Rule and Gillette

with AnCap Barber

Here we go, podcast time again boys and girls! Welcome to the 55th edition of the Ancap Barber Shop! We’re Talking Ja Rule and the Gillette commercial. Check it out! [Read More]

The Tim Preuss Podcast – Welcome Back!

with Tim Preuss

Tim Preuss makes his return to podcasting by first addressing the arrest of long-time Donald Trump advocate Roger Stone. Regardless of Stone’s own politics, the events that unfolded bring unnerving truths to light. The FBI is tipping off news agencies in order to put on a show for the public... [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Tom Eddlem on Venezuela’s ‘Free and Fair’ Elections

with Scott Horton

Libertarian Institute contributor Tom Eddlem gives some of Venezuela’s recent history, focusing on the elections of Chavez and Maduro, and most recently Juan Guaido’s self-proclamation as the country’s legitimate leader. Scott and Eddlem debate the validity of the United States weighing in on Venezuelan politics in the first place, but agree that the motivations for military intervention are highly suspect. Discussed on the show: “1/25/19 Daniel McAdams on US Support for Regime Change in Venezuela” (The Libertarian Institute) “2/1/19 Greg [Read More]

Proven & Probable – Is Montana Home to a Platreef-Style Deposit?

with Maurice Jackson

Watch the video and visit our website for more details For more info on Group Ten Metals visit: Please share this video: Michael Rowley of President and CEO of Group Ten Metals (TSX: PGE) sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the companies latest press release regarding the High-Grade Palladium, Platinum, and Gold results from the Wild West and Boulder Target Areas, which are the beginning 2 out of 14 Target Area results. [Read More]

Economics Detective Radio – The Skyscraper Curse and Business Cycles with Mark Thornton

with Garrett Petersen

Mark Thornton returns to the podcast to discuss his new book The Skyscraper Curse (available digitally for free). The book discusses the connection between record-setting skyscrapers and economic recessions. Here’s an excerpt from the book’s introduction: The Skyscraper Index expresses the strange relationship between the building of the world’s tallest skyscraper and the onset of a major economic crisis. This relationship only came to light in 1999 when research analyst Andrew Lawrence published a report noting the odd connection between [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Andy Steig

with Tatiana Moroz

Andy Steig and I have done a lot of fun content together in the time we have known each other. It first started out with an appearance on his show “The Layman” in the Bitcoin episode. It’s quite funny and linked, so please check it out. Then I came on his Coin Boys podcast, which is a very cool show. Finally, we have come full circle to him coming on the Tatiana Show. Have a listen, and hear about how [Read More]

Essential Libertarianism – Is Taxation Theft – An Exchange of Letters

with Rodger Paxton

Is Taxation Theft: An Exchange of Letters by Carl Watner [Read More]

The LAVA Flow – Green New Deal

with Rodger Paxton

What is the Green New Deal and why should we be worried about it? What's in the News with stories on taser deaths, police brutality, cop suicide, federal cannabis legalization, border protection, and nuclear waste. And, a Statists Gonna State segment on Panera Cares as life imitating art. This episode is brought to you by ZenCash, now known as Horizen, a cryptocurrency that infuses privacy, anonymity, and security, done right. Also, brought to you by SmartCash, an easy to use, fast, and secure [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Muhammad Sahimi on Iran’s ‘Fake Opposition’

with Scott Horton

Muhammad Sahimi talks about the delicate state of Iranian politics and the necessity of avoiding war there. Discussed on the show: “Pompeo, Bolton, And Iran’s “Fake Opposition”” (LobeLog) Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Going to Tehran: Why America Must Accept the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Sahimi is a professor of chemical engineering at USC, Iranian expatriate, and expert on Iranian and U.S. foreign policy. This episode of the Scott Horton Show is sponsored by: Kesslyn Runs, by Charles Featherstone; [Read More]

The Freedom Report – A Libertarian State of the Union Response

with Austin Petersen

A Libertarian State of the Union Response [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – No News Is Good News for Investors in Paraguay

with Fergus Hodgson

There are many legitimate reasons why investors stay out of South America. The region has a well-earned reputation for political instability, violence, and hostility to foreign business. Yet, all countries are not made equal. Landlocked Paraguay, tucked between two giants, Brazil and Argentina, is the outlier you've never heard of—and that's a good thing, says David P. Smith, a representative of Paraguay AG Invest. With 20 years of experience in agricultural and residential real estate, he lays out how to [Read More]

The Justin Mohr Show – What the Government shutdown really teaches us about decentralization

with Justin Mohr

On January 25th, the longest government shutdown ever at 34 days came to a temporary halt. The government has been funded through February 15th where we might just see yet, another government shutdown. The Federal government has way too much power (obviously) and we need to privatize the lousy TSA, FDA, air traffic controllers and many more federal workers! We need to reverse this trend of centralizing power and D.C. and give it back to the people. Only then will [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Blackface Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guy witness Ralph Northam's blackface picture, a picture of coal miners in a Phoenix restaurant, and a DNA testing company sharing its data with the FBI. They also discuss South Park: The Fractured but Whole and the announcement of Zack Snyder's next movie Army of the Dead. [Read More]

Dash Force 3 Amigos Podcast – Feat. Fabio plus Joel & Justin live from Liberty Forum

with Joël Valenzuela, Brian FreeMan (Mastermined), Mark Mason

Feat. Fabio plus Joel & Justin live from Liberty Forum [Read More]

Anarcho Christian Podcast – Buy A Sword

with Rodger Paxton

Jesus instructing His disciples to “buy a sword,” is one of the most contested verses of the New Testament. Let’s dive into the verse to find out why He said it, and what He meant. Support the show! Find us on the web! Subscribe today, and don’t miss an episode! iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher: Android: YouTube: [Read More]

Kinsella On Liberty – Liberty Forum Debate vs. Richard Garza: Immigration Reform: Open Borders or Build the Wall?

with Stephan Kinsella

This is my debate at New Hampshire Liberty Forum, Feb. 7, 2019—really more of a roundtable discussion of immigration policy from a libertarian perspective. The other panelist was Daniel Garza, President of the LIBRE Initiative, and the moderator was Jeremy Kaufman. Some listeners may be surprised at my pro-immigration comments. Related links: Switzerland, Immigration, Hoppe, Raico, Callahan KOL160 | Bad Quaker on IP, Hoppe, and Immigration Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s “Immigration And Libertarianism” at Lew Rockwell My article  Simple Libertarian Argument Against Unrestricted [Read More]

The Joey Clark Radio Hour – War Is The Health Of The State

with Joey Clark

A show about how perpetual war or the "herd" mentality--in matters foreign and domestic--has led the American people to submit to the State, corroding their moral compass as a nation and sacrificing liberty in the process. [Read More]

The Jason Stapleton Program – The Washington Post and the Dark Side of Influence

with Jason Stapleton

Well, the Super Bowl was a huge letdown and most of the commercials weren't worth talking about either. But there were a couple of moments worth mentioning. The biggest one for me was the Washington Post commercial that ends with the tagline "Democracy dies in darkness." From an influence perspective, this ad was brilliant. I want to break it down for you and talk a little about how easy it is to be influenced when you don't understand what's happening [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Jason Hickel on the Crimes of British Colonialism

with Scott Horton

Jason Hickel discusses the history of British colonial rule in India and his new piece, “How Britain stole $45 trillion from India.” He explains the British government’s clever scheme: forcibly extract tax revenue from the people, use the money to buy goods from other parts of India, then export the goods back to England where they can be sold for a British profit. Thanks to English economic policy, about 60 million Indians died from famine—a tragedy to rival the Holocaust [Read More]

Essential Libertarianism – Appendix to an Essay on the Trial by Jury

with Rodger Paxton

APPENDIX TO AN ESSAY ON THE TRIAL BY JURY (1852) “Taxation” Lysander Spooner [Read More]

The LAVA Flow – Taxpayers Superbowl-ed Over

with Rodger Paxton

The taxpayers were the real losers of the Super Bowl, as they are every year. This year was particularly egregious, though. What's in the News with stories on government indoctrination center strip search, civilians killed by the US, cannabis news, a new arms race, death for a pot cookie, and death for defending a home. And, an Ancap Apps segment on a new way to be charitable using cryptocurrency with GiveCrypto. This episode is brought to you by ZenCash, now known [Read More]

Proven & Probable – KEVIN VECMAINS – What Happens When Central Banks Unwind Balance Sheets

with Maurice Jackson

KEVIN VECMAINS - What Happens When Central Banks Unwind Balance Sheets [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Kyle Stalzer

with Tatiana Moroz

Wandering around at the Blockland Cleveland event, I came upon this little startup.  I am always eager to think of easy ways to onboard crypto people into Bitcoin in a secure way.  The guys at Coin Ninja made a wallet that’s called Drop Bit. SUPER EASY!  I loved it, and all I needed to give them is my phone number.  It seems pretty secure too, so listen to the interview and see for yourself!  I like the company story, and [Read More]

The Freedom Report – If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can’t Keep it

with Austin Petersen

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris got some pushback from some of her party leadership when she floated the proposal of eliminating the private health insurance market entirely in a CNN town hall this week. Harris came out in favor of Bernie Sanders' Medicare-For-All plan, as well as the "Green New Deal" which would eliminate not just the entire coal and gas industry, but also gas burning vehicles. Are they nuts? Freedom Report host Austin Petersen breaks down the news with [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Tim Shorrock With the Latest on the Korean Peace Talks

with Scott Horton

Tim Shorrock joins the show for an update us on the Korean peace talks. President Trump recently claimed that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat, whereupon the mainstream media was quick to point out that Kim’s regime has not in fact agreed to denuclearize. But, as Shorrock explains, that’s not what Trump said at all—he was merely pointing out that the negotiations appear to be going in the direction of peace and diplomacy, such that the North is [Read More]

Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast – Drugs, Love and Anarchy w/ Sterlin Lujan

with Ashe Whitener

Hey, what's up and welcome back all my fellow liberty entrepreneurs around the world. I'm Ashe Oro and I'm here with one of the best people in the world, and I say that, he didn't pay me to say that, but this is one of my good friends, and someone that I respect so much, and it's such a pleasure to have him on the show: Sterlin Lujan. [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – How Irrationality Costs You in Mining Investments

with Fergus Hodgson

Gold Newsletter Podcast - How Irrationality Costs You in Mining Investments [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Smug Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness the Covington High School controversy, if Amazon's facial recognition software is racist and sexist, and Japan's Supreme Court upholding transgender sterilization. Justin also reviews Glass. [Read More]

You, Me, And BTC – Still Crankin’

with Daniel Brown

This is episode 273 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast. This is more of a tech test than anything. But we're still alive and that's all that matters. Tune in! Don't forget to visit so you can share your thoughts in the comments! Every click helps. If this Bitcoin podcast was interesting, entertaining, obnoxious, or anything else, use the share buttons to let others know that it exists. Tips appreciated: 1Kiy8x4pwMS7RQuH7xDeVcfqeup7gUTqA [Read More]

The Power & Market Report – David Stockman | Peak Trump — It’s Downhill From Here

with Albert Lu

David Stockman, former congressman and budget director for President Reagan joins Sprott Media's Remy Blaire at the NASDAQ MarketSite. Stockman discusses the premise behind his book, 'Peak Trump: The Undrainable Swamp And The Fantasy Of MAGA.' [Read More]

Dash Force 3 Amigos Podcast – Feat. Kurt Wuckert Jr Co-Founder of Crypto Traders Pro

with Joël Valenzuela, Brian FreeMan (Mastermined), Mark Mason

This weeks special guest was Kurt Wuckert Jr Co-Founder of Crypto Traders Pro. [Read More]

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