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Newest podcasts

On the Run Podcast with Remso W. Martinez: How to Get Banned From Dave & Busters

with Remso W. Martinez

Remso and the boys join back up to discuss what happened on the day of their high school graduation in 2013, but more importantly, how their graduating class that night absolutely destroyed the Dave & Busters they all went to for their senior party. Other topics discussed include why you don't take dating advice from a twelve-year-old, and why no one ever used the bathrooms in their school. Congrats class of 2020, life gets stranger... [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Juvenile Nation Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

Justin and William are joined by Don Watkins to witness the NASCAR hate crime that wasn't, the Climate Pledge Arena. and the New York Times considering doxing a blogger for no good reason. [Read More]

Career Crashers – Lauren Keys on Creating a Career that Leads to Financial Independence

with Isaac Morehouse

Lauren Keys is the co-creator of Trip of a Lifestyle. A blog that helps you find your own path to financial independence and adventure. In this episode Isaac and Lauren talk about how Lauren used cold-outreach to start her career, how her and her husband avoided lifestyle inflation to reach financial independence, and her work at Trip of a Lifestyle. In this episode: * How Lauren defines her career * How cold calling/mailing helped Lauren start her career * How [Read More]

Wealth, Power & Influence with Jason Stapleton – The Next 6 Months: What To Expect

with Jason Stapleton

America is going full funny farm now. L'Oreal has vowed to remove all forms of "whitening" from their skin products, because that will apparently end racism. Mike Henry, a middle-aged white guy, stepped down from voicing a black character on the TV show Family Guy. The Simpsons finally declared that white actors will only voice their white characters. (Aren't ALL Simpsons characters non-white?) And other white actors are apologizing for voicing non-white characters. If this all sounds super racist to [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Matthew Hoh on the Dubious Russia-Afghanistan Bounty Story

with Scott Horton

Scott interviews Matthew Hoh about the recent claim that the Russian government has been paying bounties to Taliban militants to kill U.S. soldiers. The headlines have made it sound as though this is a confirmed and well-sourced story, when in reality, Hoh explains, it’s all coming from anonymous American intelligence sources without so much as an attempt at independent verification of, say, specific soldiers that this is supposed to have happened to. Moreover, says Hoh, Russia has very little to [Read More]

Kibbe On Liberty – Ep 74 | Building a Third Party Through Persuasion | Guest: Jo Jorgensen

with Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe sits down with the Libertarian presidential nominee, Jo Jorgensen, to talk about the issues, the two-party duopoly, and how Libertarians hope to make inroads with voters. As a trained psychologist, Jorgensen emphasizes the importance of persuasion as a campaign tactic, arguing that you don't have to compromise on principle to get Americans to embrace a third option. [Read More]

Economics Detective Radio – Angrynomics with Mark Blyth

with Garrett Petersen

Today’s episode features my conversation with Mark Blyth, co-author (with Eric Lonergan) of Angrynomics. Why are measures of stress and anxiety on the rise when economists and politicians tell us we have never had it so good? While statistics tell us that the vast majority of people are getting steadily richer, the world most of us experience day in and day out feels increasingly uncertain, unfair, and ever more expensive. In Angrynomics, Mark Blyth and Eric Lonergan explore the rising [Read More]

Proven & Probable – RIVERSIDE RESOURCES | Just Positioned Shareholders for $31,000,000 Upside

with Maurice Jackson

In this exclusive, we sit down with Dr. John-Mark Staude the CEO of Riverside Resources as the company has just successfully consummated a Definitive Option Agreement the Los Cuarentas Gold Silver Project to Hochschild Mining PLC. This is quite an accretive transaction demonstrating both the geological and business acumen of Riverside Resources. The terms are quite impressive with a 2 phase earn-in option agreement worth $11 Million with an added buyout of an additional $20 Million with a 1% NSR. [Read More]

On the Run Podcast with Remso W. Martinez: The Haunted Bunny Man Bridge Isn’t so Haunted

with Remso W. Martinez

Remso and his oldest friends (Sean, Derek, and Zaid) from high school talk about what it was like growing up near the historic Bunny Man Bridge in Clifton, Virginia. From the not-so-haunted reality to the hilarious (and horny) stories of what happened there during their teens, this is definitely an episode that would be enhanced if you started drinking as soon as the intro music starts... [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – Gold, Real Estate Stand the Test of Time

with Fergus Hodgson

There is no better hedge against inflation than gold. However, it does not offer a yield as other investment vehicles do. That is where real estate comes in, says Russell Gray. A financial strategist and educator, he advocates combining gold, a cash-generating property, and debt to short the US dollar and generate long-term wealth. In this week’s Discovery Group segment, Chris Taylor, the CEO of Great Bear Resources (TSX-V: GBR), goes over the recent drillings at the company’s Dixie Project [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Jason Ditz on Turkey, the Kurds and the India-China Border Dispute

with Scott Horton

Jason Ditz talks about the Turkish attacks on Kurds in northern Iraq, which have taken the form of both land assaults and periodic airstrikes. These incursions began around the time the U.S. invaded Iraq, and have seen little resistance from the Iraqi government. Ditz also discusses the border dispute between India and China, which has long been simmering and recently erupted into hand-to-hand violence that killed several dozen soldiers on both sides. Ditz thinks the killing is over for the [Read More]

The Isaac Morehouse Podcast – TK Coleman – Virtue Signalling and Corporate Activism Aren’t the Enemy

with Isaac Morehouse

TK and I sit down to chat about his beef with free-market advocates who fail to see when the market is winning and instead fear what it might produce. We dive into companies responding to social outrage, whether it's a worrisome sign of mob mentality or a positive process for truth discovery, and a whole lot more. [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Pete Quinones: The Monopoly on Violence

with Scott Horton

Pete Quinones talks about his new project, The Monopoly on Violence, a documentary featuring interviews with many prominent figures in the libertarian and anarchist movements. The film explores the history of both statism and anarchism, explaining the nature of government as the only entity with a monopoly on the legal use of force, and advocates alternatives to this barbaric system. You can watch now on YouTube, and soon the documentary will be available on Amazon and Netflix. Discussed on the show: [Read More]

Wealth, Power & Influence with Jason Stapleton – Income Inequality Explained (for Stupid People)

with Jason Stapleton

We used to hear the term "income inequality" all the time. Now we haven't heard it in a while. That's because the corporate press has been too busy running cover for literal Marxist riot mobs. But there's another good reason why they haven't talked about it. First of all, you have to understand that income inequality is totally unavoidable. Different people have different abilities, personalities, and desires. So they ultimately generate different incomes. However, nothing makes them more unnaturally unequal than when [Read More]

Career Crashers – Building a Comic Book Empire with Vincent Zurzolo from Metropolis Comics

with Isaac Morehouse

By the time Vincent Zurzolo reached high school, he was already buying and selling comic books. From that point of selling to friends his his business consistently grew. With lots of twists and turns in between Vincent has stayed true to his love of comic books, co-founding Metropolis Comics and Comic Connect, two of the premier sites for buying and selling comic books. Isaac and Vincent dive into the background on Vincent’s love for comics, early career experiences, and building [Read More]

On the Run Podcast with Remso W. Martinez: Five Reasons You Aren’t Free

with Remso W. Martinez

Can politics and elections completely change your life? No, not in the slightest. Remso discusses the five factors that lead to how real freedom is, and can be achieved, in your lifetime. [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Cancel Everything Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness the debate over wearing masks to protect against COVID-19, the toppling of historical statues, and the end of Aunt Jemima. [Read More]

Proven & Probable – RIVERSIDE RESOURCES | BHP $2,000,000 Strategic Funding Update 5 Copper Projects

with Maurice Jackson

In this exclusive interview with Dr. John-Mark Staude of Riverside Resources provides a corporate update on the second year of strategic funding with BHP on 5 copper projects located in Sonora, Mexico,. The funding provides Riverside Resources $2,000,000 in exploration expenditures. Noteworthy of mention, Rick Rule along with Sprott are shareholders in RRI- RVSDF. With an increase in the gold price and silver price, RRI projects are gaining more and more momentum. TIMESTAMP: :28 News about BHP 1:08 BHP and [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Danny Sjursen on the Tortured Legacy of the Mexican-American War

with Scott Horton

Danny Sjursen talks about the Mexican-American War, a seldom-discussed conflict that he maintains holds lessons for America today. Sjursen describes a pattern that by now—with our long experience of the war on terrorism—should be all too familiar: a U.S. president deliberately setting up the conditions for war, forcing another country to react, lying about America’s involvement, and then eventually having to remain in the country as an occupying and rebuilding force for years afterward. At the time, several prominent politicians [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Libertarian Party Candidate for US President Jo Jorgensen

with Tatiana Moroz

If choosing between terrible and awful for president this year makes you want to take a hard look at seasteading or joining an autonomous zone, this episode of The Tatiana Show may just offer some hope. Libertarian Party candidate for president and long-time Libertarian Party member, Jo Jorgensen, joins Tatiana for this important, information-filled episode to explain how she is the right choice this election year. Many people may not realize that the election commission is a private entity that [Read More]

Kibbe On Liberty – Ep 73 | The Criminal Justice System Is Rotten to the Core | Guest: Clark Neily

with Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe sits down with Clark Neily, vice president for criminal justice at the Cato Institute, to discuss a few of the many problems with America’s criminal justice system. Neily addresses overcriminalization, asset forfeiture, qualified immunity, and the disturbing fact that so many Americans are harassed, bullied, and coerced into giving up their constitutional right to a trial by jury. [Read More]

Kibbe On Liberty – Ep 72 | American Business Is About Free Expression | Guest: Jim Caruso

with Matt Kibbe

Brewer, entrepreneur, and Flying Dog CEO Jim Caruso sits down with Matt Kibbe at his brewery to talk about his passion for free speech and personal responsibility. Caruso points out that you can’t separate your ethics from the way you run your business, and that’s why he has fought so hard to protect the First Amendment and the right to express himself through the art of beer. Subscribe to Kibbe on Liberty on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere [Read More]

The AnarchoChristian Podcast – Was Jesus a Socialist with Lawrence Reed

with Rodger Paxton

Lawrence Reed joins me to discuss his new book, “Was Jesus A Socialist?” and the misconceptions that result from getting the answer wrong. AnarchoChristian Resources: Read the original essay! – Render Unto Caesar: Was Jesus a Socialist? –m EP 20 – Was Jesus a Socialist – EP 40 – All Things In Common – [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – Why Bitcoin Is Always Cheap

with Brien Lundin

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since their inception in 2009, but their promise of dethroning fiat money such as the US dollar is still far off. Adam Dubove, the co-founder and director of financial-intelligence service Ichimoku Fibonacci, believes bitcoin is on the path to becoming digital gold. He argues bitcoin offers the best value proposition for long-term, privacy-minded investors and residents of countries with mismanaged currencies such as Argentina or Venezuela. In this week’s Discovery Group segment, Stephen Swatton, [Read More]

Kinsella On Liberty – LocoFoco–NOT talking about “legal positivism”

with Stephan Kinsella

This is my interview by (really: discussion with) my old friend and underappreciated stalwart libertarian thinker and writer Timo Virkkala. This is one of the early episodes of his new podcast, LocoFoco, and were were apparently going to talk about legal positivism and perhaps argumentation ethics, but we got detoured onto tangents for almost two hours, about a variety of issues–covid, riding dirt bikes, and so on. Good guy. Very smart. Underappreciated. Check out his new podcast, LocoFoco. [Read More]

Proven & Probable – DAVE SMITH | Gold and silver will free America from debt slavery

with Maurice Jackson

David Smith of the Morgan Report sits down to discuss a very important topic germane to the financial state of America, debt slavery. This interview addresses the various entities that are and have been creating the demise of the of United States. We will address the Military-Industrial Complex, the Deep State, politicians, military adventurism, investing in gold, and silver stacking, we will not discuss the gold price or gold price forecast. Instead will focus on the merits of owning money, [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Peeling Back the Layers with Isabela Bagueros of the Tor Project

with Tatiana Moroz

Josh and Tatiana are spending this episode of The Tatiana Show focused on privacy and they welcome Isabela Bagueros, Executive Director of the Tor Project to explain why privacy on the internet is important. Isabela recounts how she first came to use the Tor browser and then began working for the Tor Project, eventually becoming its Executive Director. She also, very simply, likens the layers of encryption applied when connected to Tor to the layers of an onion… hence, the [Read More]

On the Run Podcast with Remso W. Martinez: Nick and Lize from Peace Freqs

with Remso W. Martinez

Nick and Liz Pecone from the Peace Freqs podcast join the show to discuss why they are investing in Bitcoin, as well as why the comic book industry seems to be dying while the film industry is set to undergo massive changes in order to survive. [Read More]

Welcome to the Midside – The I Don’t Take Responsibility Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness the LA Galaxy firing a player for his wife's Instagram posts, a guy getting doxxed for something he didn't do, and the CHAZ. [Read More]

Career Crashers – Jeff Sandefer On Transitioning From Business Success To Reimagining Education

with Isaac Morehouse

Jeff Sandefer started his first business at age sixteen. After earning an MBA, he founded Sandefer Offshore, an oil and gas company that generated over $500 million in profits in less than five years. He then ran Sandefer Capital Partners, a multi-billion dollar energy firm. Over the last fifteen years, Sandefer has worked with entrepreneur-teachers to build a nationally acclaimed entrepreneurship program. In this episode, Isaac and Jeff talk about Jeff’s history with entrepreneurship, finding meaning in reimagining education, and [Read More]

On the Run Podcast with Remso W. Martinez – How to Be a Freelance Journalist

with Remso W. Martinez

Pull out the pen and paper, because in this episode Remso gives you the scoop on how to start a career or a side hustle as a freelance journalist and reporter. [Read More]

Career Crashers – Is It Time for a Big Leap?

with Isaac Morehouse

Career growth happens with small, consistent, compounding gains punctuated by big leaps. Sometimes you are in a career phase where sticking to the daily work is going to take you to the next level. But sometimes, when we look inside ourselves, we realize it is time to make a big leap. In this episode of Career Crashers, Isaac talks about making big leaps in your career and the resources that can help you do it. To find guides to making [Read More]

Power & Market Report – Don Luskin | Numbers Say Lockdown Didn’t Work

with Albert Lu

Recorded June 9, 2020 Don Luskin is the chief investment officer of Trend Macrolytics. Contact: Twitter @DonLuskin The Show: Albert Lu is the creator and host of The Power & Market Report, a market news and opinion videocast. Send your comments and questions to Albert on social media: Twitter: @albertklu Instagram: /powerandmarket [Read More]

Underscored Podcast – Where libertarians fall in this moment of calls for police reform

with Daniel Pryor

Libertarians are a fractious bunch, like any ideological movement there are various camps and tensions between the big ideas and practical politics. In this moment of loud calls for policing reforms, it is worth noting that the libertarian movement has long been on the correct side of the issue. The coalitional problems arise when the far-left get involved and when riots, random violence or looting occur. Some libertarians harbor deep conservative sensibilities when it comes to law enforcement, the military [Read More]

Kinsella On Liberty – Stephan Kinsella On A Coronavirus Vaccine, Anarchy In Our Lifetime, And More

with Stephan Kinsella

This my appearance on the Liberty412 podcast, with host Mike Cuneo. We discussed a variety of topics, from the philosophy of property rights and the problem with IP, to coronavirus, racism, the prospects of liberty and anarchy, activism, and the like. [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Gaslight Nation Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness the coronavirus declining in potency, the mainstream media falling for a viral hoax about the protests, and white silence on social media. [Read More]

Kibbe On Liberty – Ep 71 | All Atrocities Begin with ‘Safety’ | Guest: Maj Toure

with Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe is joined by Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, to talk about lockdowns, protests, riots, and police reform. Maj argues that tyranny is always justified “for your own good,” and the phenomenon of the coronavirus lockdowns comes from the same place as police brutality. It all stems from a policy of government paternalism. [Read More]

On the Run Podcast with Remso W. Martinez – Dark Guardian Returns

with Remso W. Martinez

Chris Pollak aka “the Dark Guardian” is a costumed street activist and one of the founding figures of the Real Life Superhero Movement (RLSH). Chris and Remso discuss where it began, where things went wrong, how the movement can be resurrected, and why divorced, single moms on TikTok should be banned from the internet. Mentioned in this episode: Follow Dark Guardian on Facebook [Read More]

Proven & Probable – Millrock Resources | JV Invests $5,000,000 into Gold Project

with Maurice Jackson

Today we share the value proposition of a Millrock Resources, a Premier Prospect Generator, that has a brownfields, district-scale land package located the prolific Tintina Gold Province of Alaska, surrounding 10 million ounces of gold in resources at Pogo Mine operated by their neighbor Northern Star Resources. This interview will address the restart of the drill campaign of the Aurora Targets which were suspended due to the COVID-19. Millrock Resources has a strategic partner in EMX Royalty and Resolution Minerals. [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Make Way for BlockSpaces with Rosa Shores and Chris Tyler

with Tatiana Moroz

BlockSpaces co-founder Rosa Shores and CTO Chris Tyler join Josh and Tatiana to share the evolution of BlockSpaces from a community participating in local meetups in the Tampa area to a powerhouse of enterprise development in the blockchain space. Rosa’s first exposure to cryptocurrency was through the lens of  libertarian economic ideology, but her corporate background led her to consider how tokens could be used for making ecommerce payment more efficient and transparent track and tracing to highlight product sourcing [Read More]

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