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Newest podcasts

Kibbe On Liberty – Ep 53 | It’s Not Possible to Be a Good President | Guest: Max Gulker

with Manuel Lora

Economist Max Gulker sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss some of the big ideas coming out of the Democratic primary. From Yang’s universal basic income to Elizabeth Warren’s technocratic plan for everything, Max points out that top-down solutions from the presidency are almost guaranteed not to work because of the way complex economies operate in the real world. Subscribe to Kibbe on Liberty on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere you get podcasts. [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The South Park Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys witness airplane etiquette, Bloomberg's potential running mate, and blaming South Park for everything. Justin also reviews Birds of Prey. [Read More]

Kinsella On Liberty – No, China Is Not “Stealing Our I.P.”

with Manuel Lora

From Free Man Beyond the Wall, Ep. 379, with host Pete Quinones: Pete invited Stephan Kinsella to return to the show. Stephan is an American intellectual property/patent attorney, author, and anarcho-capitalist. Pete asked Stephan to come on and share his opinion that China is in fact, NOT “stealing our I.P.” Stephan gives a primer as to why intellectual property laws are immoral and devious and explains in detail the issue with I.P. and China. Stephan’s Anti-IP Books and Articles Stephan’s [Read More]

Wealth, Power & Influence with Jason Stapleton – You Can’t Get Rich By Demand: How to Stay Broke

with Jason Stapleton

Hospital and healthcare workers across the US say that their industry exploits them and leaves them often unable to afford healthcare, despite working in the sector. As is typically the case, they've accepted the lie that their best course of action is striking. That is, unless hospitals meet their demands. They're asking for $15/hour minimum wages, better facilities, and a bunch of other stuff. Here's the problem: you can't get rich by demanding that people give you more money. They [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Cliff Maloney on the Defend the Guard Movement

with Manuel Lora

Cliff Maloney of Young Americans for Liberty joins the show to talk about the “Defend the Guard” movement popping up in state legislatures around the country. The legislation on which the movement is based calls for an end to the calling up of states’ national guard troops to federal service without an explicit declaration by congress. These “Defend the Guard Acts” are one avenue by which Maloney’s organization hopes to reduce the scope of the federal government’s abusive overreach and [Read More]

Proven & Probable – Rick Rule | Buying This May Be The Best Opportunity In Exploration

with Maurice Jackson

In this exclusive interview, Rick Rule of Sprott USA along with Dr. John-Mark Staude of Riverside Resources sit down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss what may be the best value proposition in exploration, Prospect Generators. This interview will address the ambiguity that many speculators have regarding the prospect generator business model. Viewers will gain a valuable insight into why one of the most successful investment minds places a high degree of confidence into the prospect generator [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Dr. Victoria Jones – Satoshi’s Page

with Tatiana Moroz

With the 2020 elections looming, a major debate topic between the candidates will for certain be healthcare. Several of the nominees have proposed government run health systems similar to the National Health Service in Great Britain. On this episode of #TheTatianaShow, Tatiana and Josh go behind the lines with Dr. Victoria Jones to discuss the realities of a government run system. We explore the history of the NHS in the U.K., how it has affected the dentistry and medical professionals, [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Jeff Deist – Mises Institute

with Tatiana Moroz

On this episode of The Tatiana Show, we welcome fellow promoter and defender of liberty, Jeff Deist. Jeff is the president of the Mises Institute, an organization created to educate in the Austrian school of economics, individual freedom, honest history, and international peace. Jeff tells his story of his brother influencing him to the ideas of liberty, meeting Ron Paul in 1988, and eventually working for Dr. Paul on his congressional and presidential campaigns after a tenure as a private [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – How to Anticipate the Gold Bull Market

with Brien Lundin

A booming stock market and a strong dollar usually mean bad news for gold bugs. Jordan Roy-Byrne, editor of the Daily Gold and a Chartered Market Technician, makes the case for optimism in the long run. He argues the main driver of precious metals is real interest rates and that the Federal Reserve is likely to cut rates in the coming months, leading to a breakout in gold prices. This week, in our Discovery Group segment, we discuss investor sentiment [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Danny Sjursen on America’s Coming Battle for Eurasia

with Scott Horton

Danny Sjursen is back for part two of his conversation with Scott about America’s foreign policy disasters, this time focusing on what Sjursen calls “the coming battle for Eurasia.” According to an old theory of geopolitics, the power that controls central Eurasia—that is, eastern Europe and parts of the Middle East, with all its natural resources and strategic position—will be the dominant global hegemon. Obviously, certain figures in the American government would like to be in that position. The problem, [Read More]

Power & Market Report – Harry Dent | People Are High On Stimulus Crack

with Albert Lu

Harry Dent is best-selling author and founder of Dent Research. Contact Twitter @economymarkets Sponsor: The NEST CoWork space is a program of the CyberTech Network, a global cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT) network ecosystem providing cybersecurity and IoT resources, strategic programs and thought leadership events across the nation. NEST features 20+ reserved and non reserved “hot” desks accessible on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There are also numerous private offices suitable for 1 person to entire [Read More]

You, Me, And BTC – Tim On Btc

with Daniel Brown

Tim actually covers BTC for once. Tune in now! Your host this week is Tim Baker. Don't forget to visit so you can share your thoughts in the comments. We'd also like to thank today's sponsor, eToro ( Sign up in seconds and practice trading the top cryptocurrencies with a free $100,000 virtual portfolio. Every click helps. If this Bitcoin podcast was interesting, entertaining, obnoxious, or anything else, use the share buttons to let others know that it exists. [Read More]

Wealth, Power & Influence with Jason Stapleton – Greta Gets A TV Show!

with Jason Stapleton

The BBC’s “science” unit announced they’ll be producing a new TV show following the life of Greta Thunberg. Were you wondering when the BBC will announce their TV show about the life of Boyan Slat and the ocean plastic clean-up system he invented at 16? Well, I have three words for you: how dare you?! Good for Greta. She’s proof that saying all the right things and pandering to all the right people leads to a life of rich rewards. [Read More]

Kibbe On Liberty – Ep 52 | Iranians Are Ready for Freedom | Guest: Ladan Boroumand

with Matt Kibbe

Iranian writer and activist Ladan Boroumand sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss her fight for human rights in Iran. She points out that the Iranian people have a yearning for personal liberty, rule of law, and economic freedom, but they fear to speak out against the tyrannical, theocratic government. [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Danny Sjursen on Middle East Politics and the Missing Antiwar Left

with Scott Horton

Scott talks to Danny Sjursen about the many catastrophic failures of American foreign policy, and most recently the proposed plan to carve out an autonomous Sunni region in western Iraq, which the U.S. could use to help control the Middle East and prevent Iranian influence from spreading to the eastern Mediterranean. The plan, says Scott, would be a reversal of everything the American military has spent much of this century doing in its wars in Iraq, and could lead to [Read More]

Proven & Probable – The Central Banks Are Preparing and So Should We

with Maurice Jackson

Andy Schectman the President of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss how central banks are de-dollarizing and where they are divesting their asset holdings because of landmark resolution agreed upon by the Bank of International Settlement under Basel III. We will discuss what actions you the investor can take to position yourself in a prudent manner should global de-dollarization occur. Mr. Schectman has identified 3 buying opportunities that have the [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Grace Torrellas & Gabriel Kurman – Blockchain for Humanity and RSK Labs

with Tatiana Moroz

This special episode of the Tatiana Show introduces the talented and passionate Grace Torrellas of Blockchain for Humanity which serves the lofty goal of using blockchain solutions to change the lives of billions of people in the world. Later in the show, Tatiana and Sasha Hodder chat with returning guest, Gabriel Kurman live from the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami about RSK Labs, LaBitConf, and his involvement with blockchain for Humanity. This episode will also be syndicated on the [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Suadad al-Salhy on the Insane Plan to Divide Iraq in Two

with Scott Horton

Scott interviews Suadad al-Salhy about her recent piece on the proposed U.S. plan to create an autonomous Sunni state in western Iraq. This would theoretically allow the U.S. to continue to exert control in the country, preventing the dreaded “land bridge” connecting Iran to Syria and other allies in the Mediterranean. But this plan is idiotic for a number of reasons, say Scott and al-Salhy, not least of which being that America has been fighting on behalf of the Iraqi [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast -Demelza Hays: Will Bitcoin Pass the Baton to Stablecoins?

with Brien Lundin

Bitcoin turned 11 years old on January 3, 2020. It continues to be the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, but many roadblocks to its widespread adoption remain. Price volatility is one limitation that new competitors called stablecoins are trying to solve, explains Demelza Hays, editor of the Crypto Research Report and a university teacher in Liechtenstein. She argues bitcoin is more of an investment asset and not for everyone; most people rather seek in money a stable unit of account for [Read More]

The Anarcho Christian Podcast – Iran

with Rodger Paxton

Coups, Revolutions, and Bombs. Kyle Anzelone, host of the Foreign Policy Focus Podcast, joins me to review current and historical U.S. relations with Iran. Find Kyle on The Libertarian Institute: BOOKS MENTIONED: Dirty Wars: Fool’s Errand: The Operators: Support the show! Find us on the web! Subscribe today, and don’t miss an episode! iTunes:…ian/id1339744391 Google Play:…bqnhliq22xjnhvqpu Stitcher: Android:… YouTube: [Read More]

The Ancap Barber Shop – Drag Queen Story Hour

with AnCap Barber

In this long-awaited episode of The Ancap Barber Shop... We talk video game voice actors, Disney+, Star Wars Rebels, A giant pool table, A local man killed by police, James Mason in "Lolita", and drag queen story hour. We hope you're ready for the epic return because here it is. We got to hear from an old friend of the Show Adam Posely! He's an excellent judge of character if you ask me. Hey so sorry this episode is a [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Luke Mulks, Bobby Lee, & Sasha Hodder – Brave and Ballet

with Tatiana Moroz

On this episode of the Tatiana show, Tatiana interviews Luke Mulks and Bobby Lee live at the North American Bitcoin conference. Luke Mulks is the Business Development Director at Brave, an internet browser that promises privacy and security for their users. Anything that may try to track you on other browsers and collect your data without your awareness is blocked by default. Along with this, third-party ad blocking and tracking protection are integrated into the browser as well. Brave has [Read More]

Economics Detective Radio – Cities and Growth with Gilles Duranton and Diego Puga

with Garrett Petersen

Today’s episode features Gilles Duranton and Diego Puga on their new working paper, “Urban Growth and its Aggregate Implications.” This paper builds a detailed theoretical model that includes urbanization, agglomeration economies, inter-city migration, congestion externalities, and land-use restrictions. We develop an urban growth model where human capital spillovers foster entrepreneurship and learning in heterogeneous cities. Incumbent residents limit city expansion through planning regulations so that commuting and housing costs do not outweigh productivity gains. The model builds on strong microfoundations, [Read More]

Wealth, Power & Influence With Jason Stapleton – Sanders & Yang Supporters Feel the Bern

with Manuel Lora

It's caucus season! Tonight, we find out who will be right. Jason says Bernie's support skews young. His voters talk a big game, so he polls well. But they won't show up to actually vote for him. Because they're lazy… which is why they're so enamored with the laziest man in politics. So he'll probably flop tonight, says Jason. Matt, on the other hand, says people underestimate Bernie's broad appeal. He's generally likable, in a grouchy old man sort of [Read More]

Kibbe On Liberty – Ep 51 | Can Socialist Sanders Win It? | Guest: Matt Welch

with Matt Kibbe

Reason editor at large Matt Welch joins Matt Kibbe to discuss Bernie Sanders and the 2020 presidential campaign. The guys rail on Bernie, but worry about his populist, anti-establishment qualities, similar to those that propelled Donald Trump in 2016. They touch on international trade, foreign policy, health care, and other issues likely to surface as the campaign unfolds. [Read More]

Kinsella On Liberty – Death to Tyrants Podcast: This is my appearance on the Death to Tyrants Podcast, Episode 90: Against Intellectual Property

with Stephan Kinsella

This is my appearance on the Death to Tyrants Podcast, Episode 90: Against Intellectual Property, with Stephan Kinsella (Facebook post), released Feb. 3, 2020, with host Buck Johnson. (I was previously a guest back in 2018–see KOL252 | Death to Tyrants Podcast: Human Rights, Property Rights and Copyright.) From the Shownotes: This week, I feature my interview with Stephan Kinsella, the foremost expert on the topic of “intellectual property”. Can you own an idea? How about a word? A pattern of words? [Read More]

Gold Newsletter Podcast – Why Alberta Is Losing Faith in Canada

with Brien Lundin

Tension among Canadian provinces is rising, with activists in Alberta and Saskatchewan even calling for independence. Marco Navarro-Genie, a political scientist, university professor, and president of the Haultain Research Institute, explains federal policies such as equalization payments are choking the Prairie Provinces economically. Adding insult to injury, he argues, the central government in Ottawa keeps demanding more contributions to subsidize other provinces and costly environmental initiatives. Our weekly Discovery Group interview features Brandon Macdonald, CEO and director of Fireweed Zinc [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – John Dennis on His Campaign to Replace Nancy Pelosi in Congress

with Scott Horton

Scott interviews John Dennis, a Republican congressional candidate from California challenging Nancy Pelosi in the upcoming election. Dennis, a businessman, says he wants to unseat Pelosi mainly because she’s terrible on issues of war and the intelligence state. These areas used to be strengths among Democrats, but since the Obama administration the left has been conspicuously silent. Dennis believes that not only are American Republicans coming around to become the antiwar party, but also that principled leftists might see the [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Daniel Lazare on the Democrats’ Paranoid Ukraine Fantasy

with Scott Horton

Daniel Lazare discusses the ongoing impeachment proceedings against President Trump, which he calls nothing more than a continuation of the Russiagate delusion. He and Scott rehash some of the history that has led America to the point where it even feels like Russia is a serious threat to the U.S., namely the policies of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. If your version of history began yesterday, it’s easy to think something must be done in response “Russian aggression,” but if [Read More]

Wealth, Power & Influence with Jason Stapleton – Bolton Drops Bombshell In Shameless Self-Promotion

with Jason Stapleton

First things first. If you're on Twitter, you probably saw yesterday that I stirred up some controversy with my tweets about Kobe Bryant. Nobody understood what I was saying, so I clarified my position on the show today. Kobe's tragic death was the big news of the weekend, but today everyone was abuzz about the release of a new book. You see, the DC Beltway in the post-Russiagate world is a land of unprecedented levels of shameless grifting. American politics [Read More]

Kibbe On Liberty – Ep 50 | Women Have a Right to Defend Themselves | Guest: Nikki Goeser

with Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe sits down with Nikki Goeser of the Crime Prevention Research Center to discuss how gun laws have impacted her personally. After she had to watch her husband get gunned down in a supposedly gun-free zone, Nikki wrote a book about how gun laws designed to keep us safe actually make us all potential victims. [Read More]

Proven & Probable – Bob Moriarty | You Can Take This to The Bank

with Maurice Jackson

Bob Moriarty the founder of the websites and sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss geopolitics, bursting bubbles, and some unique buying opportunities for speculators. Hear from one the most highly regarding minds, as he shares his thoughts on the impeachment trial of President Trump, and the impacts that it may have domestically as well as globally. We will then shift our focus on Bursting Financial Bubbles that may have a profound impact on [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Daniel McAdams on the Failure of the Juan Guaido Coup in Venezuela

with Scott Horton

Daniel McAdams talks to Scott about the failed attempt to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in favor of opposition leader Juan Guiado. The U.S. government has made many claims about the illegitimacy of the latest elections, and has blamed the country’s current crisis on Maduro’s failures. Really, says McAdams, this is just another example of America’s State Department making false claims and conveniently exploiting existing problems to push their chosen political narrative. Fortunately the attempt seems to have failed completely, [Read More]

You, Me, And BTC – Instant Privacy & Bug Bounties

with Daniel Brown

Dan gets a little triggered in this one. He knows his stuff when it comes to the internet and he's gonna let you have it. The gang will cover some 3 second steps to privacy, how bug bounty programs work, and more. Tune in now! Your hosts this week are Daniel Brown and Tim Baker. Don't forget to visit so you can share your thoughts in the comments. We'd also like to thank today's sponsor, eToro ( Sign up [Read More]

Power & Market Report – Nomi Prins | Fed Gives Market Half a Trillion Through Repo

with Albert Lu

Recorded on: January 16, 2020 Nomi Prins is the author of Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged The World. Contact: Twitter @NomiPrins Sponsor: The NEST CoWork space is a program of the CyberTech Network, a global cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT) network ecosystem providing cybersecurity and IoT resources, strategic programs and thought leadership events across the nation. NEST features 20+ reserved and non reserved “hot” desks accessible on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There are also numerous [Read More]

Kibbe On Liberty – Ep 49 | The Science Is Never Settled | Guest: Terence Kealey

with Matt Kibbe

Author and biochemistry professor Terence Kealey joins Matt Kibbe to discuss how the religion of science is misleading the public. Government funding and the peer review system have created a bubble that refuses to be challenged, and in areas such as nutrition, the resulting groupthink has literally been killing people. [Read More]

Proven & Probable – Prospect Generator Discovers 25.7 Grams of Gold From Rock Chip Sample

with Maurice Jackson

In this exclusive interview Dr. John-Mark Staude the President and CEO of Riverside Resources sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss its recent high-grade gold discovery from its latest rock chip sample program conducted on the Los Cuarentas Gold-Silver Project located in Mexico. Dr. Staude will address the value proposition outlining the rock chip sample results, genetic model, and next steps towards advancement. The Los Cuarentas is 807 hectar project that is been idenfired as a [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Doug Bandow: America Wrecked Libya for a Generation

with Scott Horton

Doug Bandow talks about the legacy of the war in Libya, which many Americans seem already to have forgotten. Bandow says Qaddafi was supposed to be the test case for a dictator agreeing to U.S. terms of peaceful nuclear disarmament. Instead, as soon as he disarmed America sent troops in to overthrow him, creating an obvious chilling effect on any country of whom we make similar demands in the future. Bandow also reminds us of the blowback caused by the [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Brian Zisk & Mike Salvi

with Manuel Lora

On a special episode of The Tatiana Show, Tatiana brings you two interviews from the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida. She sits down with Brian Zisk, a serial entrepreneur in the crypto space whose multiple projects include Chia Network, an eco-friendly cryptocurrency, producer of the Future of Money and Technology Summit, co-founder of the SF Music Tech Fund, and several others. Brian reveals his involvement in the 6X7 Networks, the world’s only encrypted telecom carrier, and founding the [Read More]

The Power & Market Report – Ben Hunt | Bitcoin Is Next Gold, But Watch Out

with Albert Lu

Ben Hunt, the co-founder of Second Foundation Partners, joins the show. Topics: Bitcoin, central banks, boom bust cycles, and how they all relate to his small family farm. Twitter @epsilontheory Sponsor: The NEST CoWork space is a program of the CyberTech Network, a global cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT) network ecosystem providing cybersecurity and IoT resources, strategic programs and thought leadership events across the nation. NEST features 20+ reserved and non reserved “hot” desks accessible on a [Read More]

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